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how much is a food dehydrator Symptoms and Treatment of a Banana Allergy

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-13
Allergic reactions to bananas can vary, as severe as allergic reactions that cause breathing difficulties from a slight itch in the mouth.Read the following health articles to learn about the symptoms and treatment of banana allergy.Banana allergy is just unbearable.There is no doubt that this fruit is a good source of energy, but for those who are allergic to bananas, it may be a problematic or more dangerous food.As we know, allergies are an abnormal immune response to substances that actually do not cause harm.During an allergic reaction, the body releases certain chemicals, called tissue Amine, to combat allergens.These agents have caused a wide range of allergic symptoms.
In the case of bananas, a protein known as dominase may trigger an excessive immune response leading to the following symptoms.
Runny nose, tears and cough are some of the common symptoms of banana allergy.Other symptoms are discussed below.

Those who are allergic to bananas often complain about itchy mouths whenever they eat this fruit.Usually, the feeling of itching is limited to the top of the mouth.In addition to the itchy mouth, this person may experience a burning sensation on his lips, and his throat may also feel itchy.

Eating foods that you are allergic to can have a negative impact on the digestive system.Therefore, after eating bananas, symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea may occur.

Eating this allergic food can lead to skin problems such as rashes and eczema, which are usually marked by the formation of itchy rashes.The rash may be widespread or may be confined to specific parts of the body.

This itchy feeling may be accompanied by swelling of the lips, tongue, eyes and even throat.Swelling that may cause difficulty in swallowing food is a cause of concern and should be brought to the attention of qualified doctors immediately.

This is a rare life.A threat response usually marked by airway stenosis.Allergic reactions cause airway obstruction due to sudden swelling of the tissue, resulting in breathing difficulties.The person may feel a sore throat or a lump in his throat.A damaged airflow can cause hoarse sound (harsh or tense sound ).Blood pressure may also drop sharply, causing the patient to lose consciousness.Rapid pulse, dizziness, dizziness are other symptoms of allergic reactions.This serious response that requires emergency medical care may occur within seconds of biting a banana.

People diagnosed with latex allergies tend to be allergic to bananas.LaTeX is a rubber product that is usually used to make balloons, rubber bands and gloves.However, the proteins naturally present in latex are very similar to those found in other plant foods such as bananas and avocados, tomatoes, chestnuts, kiwifruit and papaya.Similarly, people who have a negative reaction to pollen or weeds are more likely to have allergies to bananas, watermelon, cantaloupe and honey dew.This is called a cross-junction in which the structural similarity of different types of proteins triggers an immune response to various plant foods.
Skin problems such as eczema caused by mild allergic reactions can be treated with anti-group amine cream or capsules.Adverse reactions, however, require immediate medical intervention.Doctors often recommend avoiding recipes that contain bananas to control this food allergy.As a result, people may like banana chips or banana cakes, but these foods should not be eaten.It is said that the cooking process may destroy the protein, thus preventing any type of allergic reaction.However, one cannot guarantee that ripe bananas, such as those observed in products such as banana bread, will not cause any allergic symptoms in the long run.Therefore, the best way to deal with banana allergies is to completely avoid this fruit.
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