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how much is a food dehydrator Symptoms and Treatment for Hazelnut Allergy

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-14
Many people are prone to hazelnut allergy.This article gives you an insight into the symptoms of allergies and the treatment options for managing symptoms.
Hazelnut allergy is known to be one of the most common food allergies affecting millions of people around the world.
The same could be caused by other nuts such as cashew nuts, almonds and chestnuts.The severity of allergies varies from person to person. Obviously, exposure to allergens makes people more sensitive.Allergic to hazelnut or other nuts, considered to be present forever once infected.Only 9% of children are reported to be more serious than this allergy.The symptoms and treatment of the disease are briefly discussed as follows.
People who are allergic to hazelnut can cause a lot of symptoms.However, it is not necessary for anyone to show all the symptoms.

.These symptoms are more common in patients with pollen fever.



.People with diseases such as asthma may experience severe breathing difficulties.

It can also be included in the list of symptoms caused by hazelnut allergy.A potential life
It may also happen to some people.This reaction may take only a few seconds or minutes.When an allergic attack occurs, the chemicals released by the immune system can cause a sudden drop in blood pressure and a narrow airway, thus hindering normal breathing.This will lead to allergic shock in the affected person.
The main purpose of treating hazelnut allergy is to prevent allergic shock in the affected person.
Once the symptoms begin to appear, it may prevent the beginning of life --Threat allergic reactionThis is more important for people with severe nut allergies and asthma patients.However, EpiPen is only intended to slow the progress of the response, not a treatment.As a result, patients need to be taken to hospital as early as possible, as a second response may occur for up to 4 hours or more after the first response.For people who are prone to nut allergies, it is best to have EpiPen come in handy.Also, use over-the-Counter (OTC) antihistamine can help to treat mild allergic symptoms.
The real cure is to avoid eating hazelnut and other nuts altogether.However, it is not helpful to simply avoid nuts;Products that may contain these ingredients must also be avoided.Experts always advise people to read food labels.In the United States, manufacturers must specify whether nuts are contained in the food they package, and if nuts are contained, then they must also specify the nut type.As we all know, some common foods that cause tree nut allergy include biscuits, grains, ice cream, candy, African, Thai and Indian dishes and certain sauces.In addition, some foods may not use nuts as ingredients, but they may be made or supplied in a place where nuts are also processed.Therefore, these warning labels must be noted.
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