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how much is a food dehydrator Onion Allergy Symptoms and Remedies

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-13
Not only raw onions, cooked onions can also cause allergies.This healthy article lists mild and severe symptoms of onion allergy.It also provides some information on simple therapies that can help ease these symptoms.
A person is said to be allergic to a particular food if his body reacts in a bad way every time he eats it.If the onion is allergic, a person's immune system will have an abnormal reaction to the protein in the onion.It identifies the protein as a hazardous substance and tries to destroy it.It produces an antibody called IgE, which can fight against proteins in vegetables.To protect the body from this strange situation, excessive tissue amine is produced in the intestines, swallow and skin.When the body has an adverse reaction to too much tissue Amine, the person begins to sneeze or develop symptoms of rash, sore throat and watery eyes.This is described as an allergic reaction.It has been noted that raw onions are more likely to cause allergic reactions than cooked onions.However, onion allergies are not as common as peanut or shellfish allergies.
Although the symptoms of onion allergy and intolerance are almost similar, allergic symptoms are often noticed very quickly, sometimes within a minute after eating onions.Sometimes, this reaction can be very serious and even affect life.There are threats.In the case of onion intolerance, the reaction is mild and slow.The person may feel stomach discomfort, stomach cramps, swelling, facial swelling, diarrhea, etc.Symptoms may not be noticed immediately.They will even be noticed one day after eating onions.
The following tests can be performed to identify allergens or to confirm the diagnosis of onion allergy.
Both children and adults may be allergic to onions.
family too.Onions are widely used for cooking;It is added to soup, sauce, salad, curry, cheese, vegetable juice, broth, soup, salad dressing and a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian optionsVegetarian dishes.People with this allergic reaction should check the list of ingredients frequently.
The degree of allergic reactions may vary from person to person.It depends on how sensitive the person is to onions.Usually, the symptoms disappear when the allergen is discharged from the body.But in some allergic individuals, Onions can last for several days even if they are discharged from the body.
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