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how much is a food dehydrator MSG Allergy Treatment

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-12
MSG allergy treatment is mainly based on the severity of the symptoms observed by the patient.Read this article to understand the symptoms of MSG allergy and its various treatment options.
MSG is a food additive used to enhance the flavor of a variety of dishes.It is widely used in Chinese food, soup, processed meat, canned vegetables and other foods.Some people are allergic to MSG or MSG.Here, I would like to make it clear that MSG allergy is different from MSG intolerance.MSG-resistant recipients cannot digest this particular food ingredient.It can lead to some mild digestive symptoms such as stomach discomfort and nausea.On the other hand, MSG allergy is a serious problem and the immune system becomes allergic to this particular allergen and assumes that it is an unwanted foreign substance that must be eliminated.So we can say that the body reacts strongly in an allergic reaction.
Most people will have MSG allergy soon after eating food containing this additive.Others may experience these reactions in a few hours.
If a small amount of MSG is consumed, minor symptoms such as headache and rash are observed, which are usually 2-No MSG allergy treatment is required for 3 hours.On the other hand, severe symptoms such as difficulty breathing or chest pain indicate that a large amount of MSG has been consumed and immediate medical intervention is required.The doctor first studied the symptoms, examined the patient's medical history, and inquired about the food he ate.To further confirm possible triggers for allergic reactions, they may have a special allergy test.In some serious cases, some blood tests were also performed.
Antihistamine is the most widely used drug for the treatment of monosodium glutamate allergy.These drugs have the ability to counter the effects of tissue amine released by allergic reactions.If the patient is able to swallow these drugs, then oral drugs will be prescribed and injected into the body for others.Steroids can reduce swelling caused by allergies.Initially, oral steroids were given for this purpose.It is usually accompanied by a steroid ointment for the treatment of allergic rashes due to MSG allergy.The use of cortical hormone must continue until the swelling completely disappears.
Most allergic patients need to be hospitalized and their condition is closely monitored.These patients take adrenaline first to relieve the symptoms immediately.It helps to open the breathing channel by expanding the breathing tube and return to normal breathing.In addition, it causes blood vessels to contract and blood pressure to rise.It can be managed in two different ways.Injections were given to severe patients, while adrenaline inhalation was performed to other patients with asthma or shortness of breath.Some of these patients who do not breathe normally get oxygen through a pipe or mask.People with severe respiratory diseases must maintain mechanical ventilation for a short period of time.High blood pressure was also raised by intravenous injection of normal saline.
However, there is no drug available to prevent allergic reactions.Therefore, those who know they are allergic to MSG must strictly avoid any food containing MSG.They should not eat in Chinese restaurants because MSG is widely used in a variety of Chinese cuisine.When buying processed meat or canned vegetables from a supermarket, the label must be read carefully to check if the label contains MSG.
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