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how much is a food dehydrator Interesting Facts about Goldfish

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
Goldfish is one of the most beautiful and versatile fish species.It is the most attractive creature in the aquarium.Thanks to its charming look and dynamic movements, it makes the surroundings pleasant and lively.This is the most popular breed of pet fish.Besides beauty, they are also charming pets.It was originally from China and was introduced to Europe at the end of the 17 th century.
Goldfish is cold.Their metabolic rate depends on the water temperature.
Goldfish are small members of the carp family.There are more than 500 goldfish found around the world.The main varieties of goldfish are bubble eyes, printed cloth, Black Moor, Shu principal, Liu Jin, Panda Moor, etc.
Goldfish need a subtropical to tropical climate.It lives in fresh water with a pH of 6.0-8.0, preferably 7.5.It needs a temperature range of about 40-90°F.A goldfish is about 3-Long 6 inch.The biggest goldfish can be 12-Size of 16 inch and weight of 3 kg.Its appearance depends on location, temperature, food and other factors.It has a chest fin and pelvic fin paired with the dorsal, anal and tail fins.The average life of goldfish is about 5-10 years.
One of the most interesting facts about goldfish is the study of its vision.This is the most studied of all other fish.
Goldfish can be trained to recognize light signals of various colors and react, and skills can also be performed accordingly.Fish know their owners in feeding.If some methods are adopted every day, goldfish will have a consistent behavior.
Wild goldfish live in lakes, ponds and other water caves.They can be found in still water.They are darker and whiter.
Goldfish have different colors such as gold, pink and bronze.They own submarines.Colors such as printing and metal.
They are miscellaneous food.Their food includes plankton, insects, debris, larvae, worms, lettuce, plants, peas, small mammals, small birds, amphibians and reptiles.They need more carbohydrates and less protein in their diet.
The breeding cycle of goldfish is quite typical.When the male fish mated with the female fish, it began.The female then produced thousands of eggs.Eggs hatch in 48-72 hours.The indoor pool or aquarium has breeding activities throughout the year.Summer happens the most in nature.Did not see the care of the parents.The fish were sexually mature at the age of 2.
Goldfish usually live in groups.If they are released into the water in nature, they breed quickly.Their large population will disrupt the local population.They are considered pests of other fish.They are ideal as aquarium fish.
If you want to keep the goldfish in the aquarium, then you should be very careful about its feeding, cleaning and maintenance of the aquarium.You need to prepare chemicals using a good water.Because goldfish don't like to live alone, there are at least two goldfish in the aquarium.
They show an amazing appetite, so how much money you give them will gobble.Avoid overfeeding the fish and add only enough food at 2-5 minutes.In addition, it only causes fish waste to pollute the aquarium.
To provide them with a wide variety of foods, you can also feed them mashed peas (remove the skin) and covered vegetable leaves.Salted shrimp and spirulina are delicious and good for the digestive system of fish.
In terms of food, they usually compete with the same kind.There are faster varieties, such as ordinary comets.It can easily finish all the food before other kinds of food arrive.Therefore, it should be noted that only people with similar body types and swimming features should be combined.
Generally speaking, the rules of the sea stipulate that small fish can serve as food for big fish.This is also true in the case of goldfish.Large fish, such as "pike" and "bass ".In the pond, they are easily prey to fish.Eat birds because they are attractive in color.If you have a pet cat or raccoon in your home, be careful because goldfish are one of their favorites.
Is a phrase that is often used to jokingly define short memory spans.Instead, they have a pretty good memory span of 3-4 months, sometimes even more.Many scientists around the world have proved this fact.
Goldfish should not be placed in small bowls.They need a spacious environment with high oxygen content.
Goldfish are also considered lucky to bring good luck to those who own them.So, if you want to have a goldfish and keep it in your home aquarium, you should buy it immediately without wasting too much time.
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