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how much is a food dehydrator How to Save a Dying Goldfish

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
Goldfish is a freshwater fish.They are said to be one of the earliest domesticated fish species.They are very popular as pets.This article provides some information about saving a dying goldfish.
Fish is a great pet.Their appeal is that they are relatively easy to take care.They are not as temperamental as cats, and they are not as noisy as parrots.For urban residents living in apartments, it is perfect to treat fish as pets.If you don't have space or budget to go to a large aquarium, you can choose a small fish tank and raise a goldfish.
When it comes to the fish tank, don't put the fish in the fish tank.This is neither good for their growth nor a good choice.There is less space in the fish tank, no filter, no oxygen source.For a goldfish, the necessary tank capacity should be a 20 gallon tank.Again, you will need to add 10 gallons of water to each fish you add to the tank.In addition, some fish need water with temperatures ranging from 60 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.In order to keep the fish healthy and comfortable, the fish tank should have a good filtration system.
Like other animals, fish get sick.These may be physical or mental illness.However, early detection of these symptoms is always desirable.
Below is a list of symptoms and signs of sick goldfish that you need to pay attention.Sometimes, if you find your fish swimming at the bottom of the tank, or hiding in the decoration of the tank, pay close attention.It may be bullied by another fish in the fish tank.
Here are some ways you can use to save your dead goldfish.
One of the first actions you have to take is to separate the sick goldfish from the aquarium or other fish in the fish tank.This is because some fish diseases are contagious.This is to avoid contamination of water and healthy fish due to illness.Put the sick fish in a separate bowl filled with filtered water or bottled mineral water.Sometimes it helps the fish breathe better if the water is cooler.It is recommended not to fill the bowl with tap water, as there may be contaminants in the Bowl, which may make your goldfish sick.
Once you isolate the sick fish from the other fish, it is better to change the water in the bowl several times.At this time, it is recommended not to add any additives or salt to the water.Watch the fish for hours.It has the potential to react to this simple water change and get up and swim like a healthy fish.
If your goldfish is still lying at the bottom of the bowl after changing the water, then you need to start with medication.First of all, however, you need to pay attention to signs of illness.For turbid eyes, any mucus rot, blood spots and swimming bladder disease on the body, tail and fins, you can use a sterilization device.The sterilization device is an anti-bacterialNative or antimicrobial therapy can be purchased from any pet store.
Sometimes we feed the fish.If a particular person overdrinks, it may end up with a swim bladder disease.This disease is caused by excessive feeding resulting in increased levels of nitrite in the fish, which leads to constipation.
Another reason for this disease is the intestinal parasite.If your fish has an expanded belly, sink to the bottom of the tank or float to the topIt may be suffering from the disease.To process it, thaw some frozen peas until they are properly softened.Add them to the tank.You may have to try it a few times by removing the peas and putting them back in the water, as your fish may take time to start eating.
Another possible treatment you can try is to add aquarium salt to the water in the tank.The use of aquarium salt can effectively treat some diseases, such as caught fins and spots on the body.Do not add salt or sea salt to the tank.The aquarium salt does not contain calcium silicate and iodine, and also maintains the pH value of the water.
Your goldfish may live at the bottom of the fish tank, not another reason to swim around as it should be because it's stressful.If you put tropical fish and goldfish in a fish tank, it might be a good idea to separate them.Fast tropical fish-Goldfish move slowlymoving.Their rapid movement may disturb goldfish.In addition, some tropical fish are very aggressive. they may bite goldfish.
By keeping the water clean and using the water filter, you can prevent many goldfish diseases.If your fish does not respond to the treatment listed above, then you need to take it to an aquarium that can be treated effectively.
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