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how much is a food dehydrator How to Make Your Goldfish Live Longer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
Goldfish are freshwater fish that have been domesticated for many years.As aquarium fish, they are very popular with many varieties.If you are willing to raise this freshwater fish, learn how to extend the life of your pet goldfish.
Goldfish are the first species to be domesticated and used as aquarium fish.
family.As the fish became more and more popular, many different varieties began to develop.These fish are mainly a combination of yellow, orange, white, red, brown and black.No more than 10 of them-But proper care can extend their life.It's always a good thing to watch pets live long and healthy.Read further on this matter to get some helpful tips.
As mentioned earlier, these are freshwater fish.Therefore, it is necessary to provide them with a clean marine environment.If you are a beginner, start with a goldfish.You can buy the same or two different varieties.These fish feel content to live in pairs because loneliness limits their longevity.To improve their life, learn how to set up and maintain tanks.It is important to prepare a fish tank before taking the fish home.
These fish look good in a round glass bowl.In fact, however, less space limits the growth of the fish and even makes it prone to illness.Therefore, no matter the size of the fish, a fish tank with enough space can make the fish live a high-quality life.Fish tanks must be prepared before carrying fish.This helps to produce the bacteria needed to break down fish waste.After beautifying the tank, fill it with water and install the filter inside the tank.Run the tank for a few days to prevent contamination of dirt and harmful bacteria.Maintain the inspection of ammonia concentration.The ammonia content in the tank should be as high as 4-5ppm.Landscaping provides a spiritual boost to fish and creates a comfortable habitat for them.
Cleaning depends on the number of fish and the size of the fish tank.The larger the tank, the less maintenance.They eat a lot and waste a lot.Therefore, the tank needs to be cleaned once in two weeks.Putting real plants in the tank can absorb ammonia, nitrite and nitrate and even keep the tank clean.Reduce the content of chloramine by using a chlorinating agent.It is important to constantly check the levels of nitrite, nitrate and ammonia.Rising levels of these elements can make the water acidic and toxic to your fish.Use a vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt from the tank.Once all the dirt is vacuumed, add some water to the tank.The temperature of adding water must match the temperature in the tank.While adding water to the fish, let the fish in the fish tank.Partially replace the water and observe the Ph.The average pH should be between 6.5 -8.25.
They tend to live on all kinds of food.Overeating, however, limits their longevity and causes them to die.Therefore, the owner of the fish must constantly check the amount of food consumed by the fish.Feeding them twice a day is enough and will keep them healthy.If there is a certain amount of food floating on the water, remove it immediately.Fish food is soaked in water and then sunk to the bottom of the tank.This makes the water dirty and also reduces oxygen.Therefore, the owner must wait until the fish has finished eating the food that has been given to it.
Following the above steps and following them can help your fish survive for a longer period of time.Choose a safe place for the tank to avoid external damage.Proper feeding and timely cleaning can keep the fish healthy and also help the life of the fish for many years.
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