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how much is a food dehydrator Goldfish Memory

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
If you want to know about goldfish memories, then this article has everything you need.After reading, I'm sure your (wrong) concept will be cleared.
Hi!My name is Goldie.I am a goldfish.Don't judge me now.I know what you're thinking.You think I'm stupid.You're not the only one who thinks so.Other fish in the aquarium agreed.They don't think I remember anything.So they refused to talk to me.They say I'll forget it in 3 seconds anyway, so what's the point to tell me?!Pricks.I am tired of proving myself to them.So now I'm swimming around myself.Don't bother what they think of me.But now you think I'm the same, I want to explain to you something you obviously don't know about goldfish memory, or you won't think I'm stupid.So scroll down.
My life is very interesting.
family.I have been adopted as an aquarium fish (pun intended) since ancient times ).I can see multiple colors such as red, orange, brown, white, yellow and black.I also have different sizes and shapes.We have many kinds of goldfish.I'm a fanatic, but I think it looks so good on yokin and the Black Moor.I'm sure most of you will think the veil is beautiful, but I think she's just a show off!Another thing you may not know is that I can't close my eyes.Yes, so next time you see me at the bottom of an aquarium in a corner, don't start knocking and I'm sleeping.If you do that, I can, and will definitely get the water dirty with my poo, because unfortunately I can't urinate.So this is your phone friend!I can live a long time if given proper care.Trish, from North Yorkshire, is the oldest of us and has lived for 43 years, you know, he has become a legend in the water world.These are some interesting facts I think you want to know about goldfish.You're welcome!
Alright!My way of life is very interesting.Let's start talking about business now.When you think that the memory time of the goldfish is only 3 seconds, I will show you why you are wrong!You must be joking with me!I mean, how can you think we're alive if we forget everything in 3 seconds.What you see must be amnesia or something.What?You don't believe me?Okay, I have evidence, too.Thanks to the 15-year-old Rory Stokes in Adelaide and the goldfish brothers in his fish tank, I can prove to you that we have a longer memory.
Rory did a memory experiment. he put a few goldfish in the aquarium.When he was feeding, he first put a red block in the water and then ate the fish.At first the fish was a little scared, but when they saw the food coming in immediately after the red block, they realized that he was not malicious.So whenever they see the red block, they swim towards it quickly and look forward to the food.Within a week, the moment Rory put the red block inside, the fish was nearby.He went on with the experiment for more than 3 months, and whenever the fish saw the red block, they swam religiously towards it and looked forward to the food.This proves that they tied the look of the red block to the food and remembered it!
Or don't believe me?Well, I think since you guys are so interested in TV, you will believe what's on TV, right?
episode?At this point, Jamie Heineman (host) apparently refutes the theory that memory time is only 3 seconds (I haven't finished that yet!).How?This is how.He placed a maze.Like the structure in his tank, train his goldfish through them (with color code) to reach the final destination --food.He taught them these things and removed them.About a month later, he timed them in the tank again, and the goldfish followed the same route they were taught!
So what do you think about the memory span of goldfish now?Huh?Do you still think we are stupid creatures without brains?I thought not.Accept an apologyWhat I want to say to my friends who are involved in these earth-shattering goldfish..) Experiment, great!My friends!We are all proud of you!We will always be grateful to you!
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