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how much is a food dehydrator Goldfish Breeding

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
As long as you determine the ideal breeding time and the technology used, it is easy to breed goldfish.The most important task is to determine their gender and then stimulate them to spawn.
Goldfish are great pets and easy to maintain.They don't need much attention, they are ideal pets for those who live a busy life.
And there are different varieties such as "Comet", "sherrkins", "oranda", "watkins", "telescope", etc.It's better to put them in a fish tank or aquarium instead of in a bowl because they need more space than other pet fish.Breeding them is a simple process, but you need to get some basic knowledge before you try.
Goldfish can breed twice a year. breeding requires warm temperature.People aged two or over are ideal for breeding, but those aged five to six will be the best.While selecting specimens, select specimens of good quality and evaluate them based on the color, size and structure of their body and fins.For better breeding opportunities, a higher percentage of males, such as two males and one female, are selected.
It is a bit difficult to determine the gender, and only when the fish reaches the spawn stage can this be done accurately.The female has a prominent, heavier abdomen and is lead-vertical, while the male forms a reproductive nodule on the fin when it reaches the spawning conditions.The male head also has a slight white bump, which is easy to spot.You may find it difficult to identify gender initially, but it will be easier to practice.You can also seek the help of a professional breeder to master the process.
You can start preparing fish for breeding in the early spring, just after winter.The first step is to clean up the fish.To do this, you will need to add a cleaning solution that can be made by mixing 6 drops of copper sulfate, 1 kind of taitramin and 80 drops of formaldehyde in 4 gallons of water.Add this solution to the water of the aquarium and let the fish stay in the water for about 20 minutes.Then, take them out and put them in a clear water container.You can then start preparing the aquarium to spawn.
You need to create a natural spawn environment.This can be done by cleaning 20% of the water per day and replacing it with tap water.You can also use a water conditioner after cleaning the water.Add spawn props such as natural plants, artificial or coconut fibers, spawning mops, the tank.Make sure the water temperature is around 26 °c, which is the ideal temperature for breeding.Put the goldfish back in the fish tank and feed them every once in a while, so that the females develop healthy eggs and the males develop "milt", the substance needed to fertilize the eggs.
When the fish is ready to mate, you will be able to observe a "spawn chase" characterized by the male swimming for a long time near the female abdomen.This process is usually done in the morning and fish swim in batches.When the female is ready, she will release the eggs and the male will put the milk on the eggs to fertilize them.The female releases about 500 to thousands of eggs at a time.Note that goldfish eat eggs, so parents or eggs should be removed from the fish tank.If you take out the eggs, they need to be cleaned in the same water as the tank temperature.They should then be placed in a 20 gallon tank with water up to 6 inch and the temperature should be around 21 °c.
The eggs that look very clear are the most fertile.You should always observe them because those less fertile eggs are susceptible to fungal infections that can also spread to healthy eggs.After hatching, they will have a translucent yolk sac that will sink them to the bottom of the tank.This is a common phenomenon.After the yolk sac is absorbed, the baby fish gets the airbag and starts swimming.You can start feeding them commercially at this stageavailable food.
Once you have gained a lot of experience in goldfish farming, you can use it as a hobby and even become a professional breeder.
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