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how much is a food dehydrator Foods That Can Trigger Oral Allergy Syndrome

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-13
Raw vegetables, fresh fruits and raw nuts are some of the common foods that cause oral allergy syndrome (OAS.Spices such as coriander, cumin, fennel, coriander and mustard can also cause discomfort to OAS patients.There are more details on the following.
Oral allergy syndrome (OAS), also known as raw food allergy, means that a person does not like to eat uncooked food, whether it is fruit, vegetables or nuts.Patients from the Organization of American States complained of itchy mouth and throat after eating these raw foods and burning sensation on their lips.Usually, the eyes are itchy, runny and sneezing.This allergic reaction is an allergic reaction to certain proteins present in these foods.
People diagnosed with pollen allergy (pollen fever) usually have oral allergy syndrome.As we know, pollen is produced by flowers and trees that bloom in spring.On the other hand, grass produces pollen in summer, while weed pollen is observed in autumn.The proteins found in these pollen mimic the proteins contained in fresh fruits, raw vegetables and nuts.To put it simply, proteins from certain raw foods are structurally similar to those from pollen.Therefore, when exposed to pollen, the immune system responds the same way as when eating foods containing these similar proteins.No wonder pollen allergy is closely related to OAS patients.
Depending on the type of pollen allergy experienced by individuals, foods that cause OAS symptoms may vary.For example, those who are allergic to tree pollen may have a negative reaction to apples.However, if these people are allergic to weeds only, they will not have any problems eating apples.
There is no need to be allergic to a particular type of pollen, which means that a person is sensitive to all foods in that group.For example, if a person is allergic to birch pollen, he/she may be sensitive to 2 or 3 foods in the group.It should be noted that those who are allergic to a specific type of pollen may eventually also be allergic to other types of plant pollen.That is, initial allergies to specific foods in a particular group may eventually also extend to foods in other groups.
Excluding these foods from one's diet is the best option to prevent the symptoms of OAS.However, given this huge list of foods, it is not possible to avoid them all the time.In this case, one should make sure that these vegetables, fruits and nutsCooked before consumption.Cooking loses activity to the protein that causes allergic reactions.Therefore, eating cooked food is unlikely to cause symptoms of any OAS.Providing microwave or canned (canned) foods to OAS patients is often also not a cause of concern, as the heating or processing involved in canned foods kills allergic ingredients.Peeling fruit like apples can help significantly reduce the risk of OAS, as most allergens are present in the skin.
While cooking helps eliminate allergens, there are few exceptions.Therefore, while cooking celery, spices, roasted nuts or seeds, or drinking herbal tea like Yangju, it is unlikely to eliminate their allergies --Potential reasonsThe rule of "peeling the Peel" to remove most allergens also does not apply to all fruits.Therefore, OAS may have symptoms despite eating peeled fruits.
It is observed that in most cases, OAS patients tend to be allergic to only a few of these foods.Being diagnosed with the Organization of American States does not mean that people should turn to meat products and discard these nutritious foods.In fact, at lowA plant diet can make people vulnerable to various health problems.All that is needed is to identify a set of food that is problematic and choose the food that is suitable for consumption.Also, in most cases, cooking food properly before consumption does eliminate the possibility of any OAS symptoms.Therefore, follow the dietary restrictions, but make sure that it provides adequate nutrition for overall healthbeing.
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