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how much is a food dehydrator Feeding Goldfish

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
One of the most important aspects of feeding goldfish is knowing how much food to give.Their constant grazing practices often deceive owners to overfeed them, which is a clear requirement for sick fish.Here's more information on what and how to feed goldfish.
Goldfish belong to the carp family, and humans domesticated it very early.Not only are they colorful, but their popularity as aquarium fish stems from their impressive Association learning ability.Goldfish also showed keen social learning skills.They are cold-water fish.Therefore, they do not need to adjust the water temperature of the aquarium.Nevertheless, it is important to know that these fish are usually sensitive to dramatic or frequent changes in water temperature.Goldfish can also be placed in the pond, if this is where the fish keeper wants to keep a pet, then he should look for stronger varieties such as ordinary goldfish, Comet, wakin, and shinikin goldfish, they are well adapted to the seasonal temperature changes in pond water.In all aspects of raising goldfish, we will deal with one, that is, raising goldfish.
Goldfish are omnivores, so people have a lot of choices about feeding them.However, compared with other fish food, goldfish food should have a lower protein content and a higher carbohydrate content.Goldfish food is sold commercially in the form of flakes or pellets.The floating form of food is the best option because it will enable people to remove any excess food from the can.However, in order to increase the variety, people can also feed their pet goldfish mashed peas (remove the skin) and covered vegetable leaves.Live and frozen food can also be fed.However, it is better to buy live food in a pet shop, because those foods caught from the wild may carry parasites and organisms that cause goldfish diseases.Salt shrimp and spirulina are good for the digestive system of these fish.
The appetite of goldfish is impressive.You may notice that almost every time they join the fish tank, they eat all the food in a wolf.However, don't be fooled by this hungry display like most first-time fish lovers do.Goldfish often pollute the water in the tank.If they are overfed, this will result in further contamination of the water due to the increase in the amount of waste they discharge.More importantly, however, overfed goldfish are sure to get sick.In general, they should eat as much as possible in the first two minutes.More importantly, overfeeding.
Another question the host asks is how often you feed the goldfish.The answer to this question is no more than twice a day.However, when you feed the fish in the winter, you need to reduce the frequency to once a day.This is because, as the water temperature drops, the metabolism of these fish also drops.Therefore, the amount of diet should be reduced so that they do not have the risk of being overfed.For proper goldfish care, the amount and frequency of feeding is as important as the number and frequency of feeding.
This is at some point in the year when you have been desperately waiting to go on vacation!But, how to take care of your pet goldfish while you are away?The most important aspect of raising goldfish is feeding it.If you go out for four days or less, then your fish can not be fed during this time.However, if it is more than five days, it is better to arrange for fish feeding.Get someone to feed your pet every four days.You may have explained the amount of food your fish has to feed, but you can never be sure that your fish is not overfed.Many owners come back from vacation and hear the shocking news of their pets dying from overfeeding!You definitely want to avoid this.So just pack your goldfish food in a small plastic bag that says the date of feeding.Another option is to use a food block called a holiday block or a banquet block.This is a plaster of Paris with fish food.As the plaster of Paris slowly dissolves, fish that can be eaten by fish are exposed.
Correct information about raising goldfish is one of the most important nursing techniques.Remember, however, not to be too excited about the continued grazing behavior your pet shows.Clean water and prevention of overfeeding are critical to the health of goldfish.
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