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how much is a food dehydrator Do Food Allergies Cause Weight Gain?

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-14
If your body is addicted to tobacco, alcohol and drugs, why not?Yes, we rarely realize that our bodies are addicted to food.No matter what the damage is, your body will become addicted.
Food allergy is an allergic reaction of the body to certain foods.Because we all have different genetic combinations, most of us have different levels of food allergies.Symptoms of food allergies are usually severe itching, redness, swelling in certain parts of the body, vomiting, diarrhea and sneezing.These foods are treated as harmful foreign bodies by your immune system and start to react to them.Did you know?Nearly 4 million of Americans are allergic to at least one food.
The most common food allergies are seafood, milk, eggs, wheat, barley and bean products such as peanuts, nuts, squid, shellfish and fish.While you may not always show a skin reaction to food allergens, you may become bloated without any reasonable explanation, or you may gain a few pounds overnight.If you are not tolerant of this normally hard-to-find allergen, you will most likely also crave them as much as any other form of addiction.Yes, the body will show subtle signs of allergy to your weight, but that doesn't stop it from craving these foods.If you still don't buy it, ask those who are obese what makes them gain weight.In fact, you are also proof of this theory.
When your body is allergic to any substance, it starts to show some symptoms in your body, such as runny nose, swelling in certain parts, or even sneezing.When the body's biochemical defense mechanism begins to produce and retain excess water to discharge foreign substances that cause allergies, the water content in your body suddenly rises.So when you eat certain foods that you are also allergic to, and even unconsciously, a body organ may suddenly look like your face, abdomen, arms, thighs or feet than usualMany people died of suffocation and need to be referred to a doctor immediately.But not all allergic reactions can lead to this obvious reaction.If symptoms do not cause dramatic changes in a short period of time, food allergies may be difficult to determine.
Due to the increase in the percentage of water in your body, you suddenly pack a few pounds.The good news here, however, is that it's just the weight of the water and it's easy to eliminate.But there is a problem here, if you let your desire for food control you and eat food, you may be unconsciously allergic to food more than once, and your calorie intake will increase, excess calories increase the percentage of fat in your body.Therefore, compared to other physical attributes, obese people are significantly different from acceptable weight.It may also be why it is difficult for you to stick to your diet and goals to lose weight and even prevent weight gain.The most common allergic food in Americans is high fat content and calorific value.Certain types of protein fragments in the food are mixed in the blood, causing allergic reactions.Whole Grain, an essential ingredient of ham-Hamburger culture contains 12 to 17% of protein and is one of the food allergens that most Americans are allergic.Sadly, one or more of these foods is eaten regularly.So, you may now blame food allergies for the weight gain in Americans and explain the reason for the size increase in clothes.
Another explanation for food allergies that cause weight gain may be that, like drug addiction, when you eat foods that are allergic, your brain will secrete certain chemicals called endorph.These are all happy hormones, and their effects last for a few minutes.Once the effect begins to subside, your brain will crave the same rush and force you to eat more certain foods that you are allergic.This phenomenon creates a desire for food.
Well, this is a deal that helps you avoid weight gain caused by food allergies.
Or rotate your diet.In fact, this also explains why certain diets are a charm for some people, but not for all.Eliminating diet can help you determine which foods your body may be allergic to, or the culprit of weight gain.It will also allow your body to detoxify from those cravings for food in about a week.You can also take a blood test such as antigen white blood cell antibody or AL-To determine this, CAT tests.First, eliminate a set of foods at a time, such as cereals, seafood or poultry, and then slowly re-Introduce them after at least 15 days of abstinence and observe any changes in your weight.I also suggest giving your body 3-before you start any diet-Detox a day.
Do yourself a favor and avoid the food completely the next time you suddenly crave.When the scale shows a better result after a month, you will thank yourself.
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