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how much is a food dehydrator Chocolate Allergy Symptoms

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-13
Chocolate allergies are not common.However, for those who have symptoms, appropriate treatment should be given on time.This article highlights the various symptoms of this allergy.
People of all ages like to eat chocolate.Some of us are even addicted to it.However, some people cannot eat chocolate because they are prone to allergies.This can happen to children and adults.Children whose parents are allergic to chocolate are at greater risk of chocolate allergy.In other words, it may be inherited.Many studies have found that people with weak immunity are more likely to develop this allergy.
The main ingredient is cocoa extracted from cocoa beans.The beans are fermented, baked, ground and other processed to produce the chocolate we eat.Cocoa may be the cause of allergies, but not the only one.There are other ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions such as milk, soy, gluten, various nuts and chemicals that are used to add specific colors or flavors to chocolate.
These symptoms have many similarities with the symptoms of other food allergies.
It mainly occurs when more than one component of chocolate causes allergic reactions in the body.In addition to short breathing, people in this situation will also complain about dizziness, chest tightness, palpitations, stomach cramps, etc.Nausea, vomiting and gasping can also be observed during breathing.If an allergic reaction affects multiple systems in the body, then it can even cause fatal allergic shock.You shouldn't even touch a piece of chocolate in this case.
Those who are highly allergic will have a rash if they take a bite of chocolate.Initially, this skin burst occurs on and around the face and neck, and subsequently may spread to other parts of the body, such as arms, legs and stomach.
Sharp headaches can be observed in some people.Caffeine in chocolate is the main cause of this symptom.However, it should be noted that it needs further investigation to determine whether chocolate is really the cause of the headache.
We like to eat chocolate when we feel depressed because they help to lift our spirits.However, those who are allergic to chocolate, it may have an adverse effect on their mood.It can make them restless and fidgety.This is because cocoa is a stimulant in the nervous system, which in turn makes the heart beat faster.
This is a mild symptom and will not cause any serious harm to your health.Normally, it is not caused by chocolate cocoa.On the contrary, some other ingredients may cause this allergic reaction.Most people who have had heartburn after eating chocolate don't have to stop eating chocolate completely.
If any symptoms given in the previous section are observed after eating chocolate, the patient should consult their doctor.They can identify the ingredients that cause allergic reactions through skin tests, blood tests, etc.They are then prescribed the appropriate medication according to the severity of the patient's symptoms.Antiamine is used to treat symptoms such as rash, itching and digestive system diseases.For those who feel mild shortness of breath, breathing, and cough, they are given cortical steroids and trachea dilators, as these drugs help to open the respiratory tract.Those who have signs of allergic reactions such as breathing difficulties, panic, chest tightness, etc. should be rushed to the emergency room where adrenaline is injected to treat serious allergic reactions.Once the symptoms have subsided, the doctor's instructions should be strictly followed to prevent the further occurrence of chocolate allergy.
You may not have to stop eating chocolate forever if you are allergic.Your doctor may recommend that you only eat chocolate that does not contain certain ingredients that cause allergic reactions.In this case, all you need to do is read the label of the chocolate before you buy it.
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