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how much is a food dehydrator Cashew Allergy

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
Cashew allergy is a condition in which the body's immune system assumes that the protein in cashew nuts is a foreign body and fights by releasing antibodies.The reactions that occur during this encounter stage lead to various allergic symptoms...
Cashew nuts are one of the tree nuts, which is why Cashew nuts are allergic to tree nuts.Cashew nuts are rich in cream for most peopleHowever, the same cashew nuts can be very harmful for some people.Unlike peanut allergies, cashew allergy is a serious disease that can even be fatal in a few cases.
People who are allergic to Cashew nuts are required to stay strictly away from cashew nuts.When the child reaches about 2 years old, there is a cashew allergy.This allergy is due to the fact that the immune system mistaken the protein in cashew nuts for a harmful foreign body and began to fight it by producing antibodies.Chemicals are released in the process, and it is these chemicals that cause various allergic symptoms.
The severity of the symptoms varies from person to person.The body's reaction to cashew nuts can range from mild to Lifetimethreatening.Mild forms may include symptoms such as measles and rash.The color is pink and slightly swollen.They can also be itchy and hot touch.Patients with this allergy will itch in the mouth, eyes, throat and other parts.In addition, intake of cashew nuts can also cause problems such as vomiting, diarrhea and nausea.In some people.
On the other hand, there is swelling in severe cases of cashew allergy rash.A rash located around the throat or face can cause swelling in the face.However, swelling is not dangerous, and it blocks the airway if the swelling persists, thus preventing breathing.This can become dangerous and lead to other serious conditions such as asthma attacks, breathing, extreme anxiety, etc.This person will not be able to breathe without immediate treatment.This will reduce blood pressure and cause the person to enter allergic shock, a deadly disease.
Cliché©"Prevention is better than treatment" is relevant here.Avoiding cashew nuts is the best way to keep yourself safe.As the allergy caused by cashew nuts is much more serious than any other tree nut allergy, it is better to be extra careful.Before purchasing, check if the labels of various products have ingredients.However, we live in an uncertain world in which we do not know what is waiting for us.We might accidentally eat cashew nuts and so on at the party.In this case, we need to know about the treatment.
The movie "Game Plan" features "little eight"One-year-old has a nut allergy, and accidental consumption of nuts in a dessert can make her lips and face swollen.Her father Dwayne Johnson had to take her to the hospital immediately.Well, this will happen not only on reels, but also in real life.Immediate treatment is required for accidental consumption.Treatment will depend on the type of symptoms presented.For example, antiamine will be given for measles and stomach reactions.Local creams are enough for measles or dermatitis problems.Shortness of breath and shortness of breath require an extension to expand the airway.In the case of inflammation, in the case of an allergy, the hormone is given, and adrenaline is injected at the same time.
This allergy affects people regardless of caste, belief, religion, age or gender.Since this allergy can have a fatal effect, it is critical to seek medical care immediately after the occurrence of minor symptoms.If you have questions about allergies, do a skin prick test that will help you determine if you are allergic to cashew nuts.
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