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how much is a food dehydrator Bubble Eye Goldfish

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
Bubble Eye goldfish is a very unique breed of goldfish, so you will want to add it to your aquarium when you see it.However, you need to consider some facts about the species before you shoot.
Bubble eyes are all kinds of goldfish that seem to have originated in China.It is believed that this fish is the result of mutations in the breeding process of different generations.Its eyes point to the sky and there are two huge and fragile liquid sacs underneath.The name of the fish comes from these water bags.Its unique look and the fact of various colors including red, chocolate, blue, white, print and black make it one of the most popular colorsThe variety of fish in the aquarium.
Back to the eyes of the bubble eye goldfish, they are completely normal when it is small.Only when the Fry becomes 3-, the liquid sac begins to developmonths old.Usually, both sacs are opaque, the same color and the same size.They are fragile, so the fish must be kept away from sharp objects and other fierce fish.These eye bags make the fish have poor eyesight.Because of these sacs, its head becomes heavy and it shakes slowly when it swims.The bubble eye can't swim fast because its eye bag hinders its movement.Also, these sacs add to its weight, so you often find it floating at the bottom of the tank.Due to its heavy body and slow movement, it is easy to be washed away in the direction of current.
Bubble eyes have eggs-shaped body.It has an even curved back with a metal scale from the head to the tail.It also features the absence of both tail and dorsal fin;The latter makes it a bit unstable.All the other Finland in the abdominal surface, anus and chest abdomen are paired.An adult bubble eye goldfish is 6-Long 8 inch.Its average life is 5-6 years.It can sometimes even live for 10 years if properly taken care.
Keep in mind that this fish is considered very vulnerable due to these eye bags.If an eye sac breaks, it will regenerate, but it is not the same size.In addition, the eyes are vulnerable to infection when the goldfish lose their SAC, which in turn causes the fish to lose their lives.Therefore, if you want to have a happy and healthy fish in the aquarium, you need extra attention and care.
If you want your goldfish to live long and healthy, you need to do something, something you shouldn't forget.
You should avoid keeping this diversity if you are a beginner, as it needs to be very careful.If you have a great experience with exquisite aquarium species, you can go and buy a few bubble eyes and turn your aquarium into a paradise for fish!If they are properly taken care of, once they become 2-years old.
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