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how much is a food dehydrator Black Moor Goldfish

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-15
As the name suggests, the black Moor goldfish is a variant of goldfish and is very popular as a pet.If you happen to take this little fish home as a pet, here are some tips on its care and maintenance.

Due to its prominent eyes.It belongs to the telescope.Eye all kinds of fancy goldfish, known for the huge eyes that highlight the head!The fish is naturally very friendly and easy to maintain and is one of the world's most popular aquarium residents.

The Black Moors are not born with such big eyes;As they mature, they develop this unique feature.Another feature to note is that the fish's eyes move sideways, not upwards.

The fish is almost always black, and as the age grows, the fish may turn the color into black, with a taste of bronze, and some may even undergo a change of RustIf the water temperature rises, the Orange below their belly.

Their metal scales look velvety and decrease with age.

The depth of their bodies is almost 2/3rd of its length.The fin of this goldfish is very long, smooth and exquisite.The tail fins are fork-shaped, round, and the pelvic, thoracic and anal fins are long and paired.The dorsal fin is half the size of the body's depth.

Despite the large eyes, the fish have poor eyesight.Its eyes are very delicate features and you need to be extra careful to make sure they are not damaged.

Under favorable conditions, they can have a life expectancy of 25 years, 10 inch long.

Although the body of the fish is delicate, it is quite strong and can survive in hard conditions.Although it doesn't like very cold water, it can spend the winter without much trouble.If the water temperature rises, the fish may gradually become gray --Orange, though this may not always happen.

They usually breed after a significant rise in temperature at the beginning of spring.The males grow small pieces on their fins and chest fins, pushing the females with these small pieces and stimulating them to release eggs.Apart from the breeding season, the distinction between genders is not easy.Generally speaking, men are smaller in appearance than slim women.
These goldfish are very gregarious and thrive with other Black Moors at school.But due to poor vision development, it is not recommended to raise them with any other type of fish.When they cohabited with other kinds of fish, they found that they did not get proper nutrition, and when the other fish ate all the food, the Black Moors could not eat anything, because they can't see much and are not very agile swimmers!
A water tank of 10 gallons or larger is suitable and the water temperature should be kept around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.
Monitor the pH and keep it at 7.
Standard lighting for aquariums and pet shops can be used to provide lighting.
These goldfish produce ammonia as a by-product.Product, excessive lead to ammonia poisoning.Therefore, the tank must be cleaned regularly to prevent the fish from being killed due to ammonia toxicity.
Don't put delicate plants in the aquarium.Fish like to dig, and can even root the plants and feed on the plants.Either decorate the aquarium with artificial plants or plant plants with strong roots that are difficult to eradicate.But if you are using fake plants or any other aquarium decorations, make sure they don't have sharp edges because the eyes of the Black Moors are very delicate.Silk plants and small and smooth decorations are ideal.
These goldfish are also very messy and often dirty fish tanks.They like to dig and can also disrupt the gravel lining at the bottom of the tank, stirring any pieces that have been precipitated.To maintain water quality and prevent infection, water must be cleaned and filtered regularly.
Feed your pet with sinking food particles.Floating food particles should be avoided because due to poor eyesight, fish find it difficult to find food if floating in a fish tank.
They are greedy diners, so be extra careful not to overfeed or to feed foods that are too often acidic or high in protein and sugar due to intolerance.Change your diet from time to time and your fish will be happy to eat all kinds of food!
Pet stores store the usual goldfish diet, so you can also buy it to feed the Black Moors.You can also introduce the fish to small pieces of oranges, cucumbers, zucchini, blan bamboo shoots and spinach, peeled grapes and peas with shells.The goldfish can also feed mud worms, blood worms, water dragons and salt shrimps.
Like other species of goldfish, black moles are also vulnerable to parasites and worms.Some of these diseases can also lead to secondary bacterial and fungal infections in fish.
An infection caused by a flute worm or flatworm can cause a rip of the fins and a split of the fins, which slowly lose color.There may also be problems with fish breathing.Preventive measures include treating the fish with a fluke label for at least a few weeks and bathing the fish with potassium permanganate added to the water.
Anchor worms and fish lice can also cause infection, causing inflammation and redness of the skin, and the most obvious sign is that in order to eliminate itching, the fish tries to rub itself on nearby objects.Treatment of this discomfort is generally recommended to soak with potassium permanganate and formaldehyde plus salt.

Caused by parasitic protozoans.The disease is characterized by rapid and shallow breathing, isolation, loss of appetite, and the fish show lethargy and rest at the bottom of the fish tank.White spots throughout the body indicate the presence of parasites.Infection can be treated chemically by soaking with potassium permanganate or formaldehyde, as with other diseases.Other preventive methods are to treat the water with chlorine (often with tap water) to remove parasites in the water.Fish may die if ich is not treated early.
By using the correct filtration technology and keeping the tank clean at all times and replacing it regularly with fresh water, most of this can be prevented.If an infection is suspected or diagnosed, isolate the infected fish to prevent further transmission of the disease.
The Black Moors are a good pet and don't need much maintenance, they are smart enough to recognize the human voice if they live with people for a few months.If you put this fish in a fish tank long enough, you can train it and maybe one day let it take the food in your hand!Be careful not to touch or pick up the fish, as handling the fish will hurt its sticky coating and expose it to parasitic infections.With a clean, inflatable fish tank and regular feeding, you'll be able to keep a velvet, black Moor goldfish as a pet for the next few years.
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