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how much is a food dehydrator Alcohol Allergy Symptoms

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-13
Alcohol allergy is a phenomenon that can easily arouse the curiosity of many people.Symptoms of alcohol allergy range from nausea to rash and measles on the skin.
Many of us like alcoholic drinks very much.In fact, many drugs also contain alcohol, especially those used to treat coughs and colds.Humans consume alcohol in different quantities and forms for different purposes.But do you know people are also allergic to alcohol?Believe it when we say that alcohol allergies, though very rare, are not a myth.
Many people are shocked to hear that sometimes people are allergic to any kind of alcohol.Alcohol allergy is also known as alcohol intolerance, a phenomenon that is quite parallel to lactose intolerance.
Any food or drink that enters the digestive track is broken down into simple substances for use by the human body.In this case, the digestive system and digestive organs produce different types of digestive juices that play a very important role in decomposing food nutrients.Digestive enzymes are some very important digestive juices that help to destroy the nutrients of the food.Alcohol is chemically reduced to acetic acid, commonly referred to as vinegar, by the "aldehyde dh" enzyme.Alcohol itself is a toxic substance that can poison the body if it is not broken down into simpler substances by the body.Some people have a very rare genetic feature of their digestive system.Their digestive system does not produce an aldehyde dehydrogen enzyme that makes their body allergic to alcohol at all.In some cases, the digestive system produces a smaller number of aldehyde dehydrogen enzymes.This may be seen as a curse or blessing, but some alcohol intolerance is observed.
When people with alcohol intolerance drink alcohol, one of the symptoms they are bound to experience is acute nausea.When we eat any food or drink, the first action of the body is to secrete appropriate enzymes based on the smell of the food and the vision.Due to the fact that the body does not secrete aldehyde dehydrase, alcohol is seen as a foreign and unwanted substance, and the body tries to discharge the liquid, which is the cause of nausea.
After eating for a few minutes, there will inevitably be Urticaria and rash on the skin.Other symptoms observed were headache, itching of the skin and pain in the rash.Since there is no aldehyde dehydrogen enzyme in the body, the digestive system is also unable to digest or store alcohol.In this case, people who are allergic to alcohol will inevitably have symptoms such as stomach pain, abdominal cramps, skin itching, heartburn and severe headache.
The next reaction of the body is the discharge of alcohol from the digestive system.Therefore, people who are allergic to alcohol suffer from acute diarrhea or vomiting.In most cases it is enough to pour alcohol to affect a person's health, but it is best to see a doctor as soon as possible.Sometimes people only experience initial allergic symptoms, but the body does not discharge alcohol.In this case, it is appropriate to rush to the hospital.
There are several other reasons why people may be allergic to alcohol and wine.Sometimes, the reason may be an allergy to preservatives or substances added during brewing.
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