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how much is a dehydrator what is a natural food nutrition? -

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-20
The raw food weight loss program is a plan to promote the consumption of raw food.Uncooked foods, including fruits, vegetables, meat, nuts, seeds and herbs, are foods that are eaten without processing and cooking.If anyone's uncooked food consumption accounts for 75% to 100 of their total food consumption, then she or he is generally considered to be practicing an uncooked food diet.Supporters believe that, compared to food programs consisting mainly of cooked food and/or processed food, the diet program for refreshing and uncooked food has been successful in terms of greater health benefits.Supporters advocate that the key factors of raw food diet are as follows: raw food contains more nutrients than cooked food.Fruits and vegetables absorb the highest level of nutrients immediately after harvest.The reduction in nutrition starts after harvest, continues due to transport and storage, and may be significantly accelerated according to the cooking procedures adopted.Uncooked foods, such as fruits and vegetables, contain excessive amounts of antioxidants that help avoid cancer.O cooking different foods can cause up to 70% to 80% loss of vitamins and minerals.Usually, the more items are exposed to food,Weight, temperature and oxygen (cutting food will make them lose nutrition );From a nutritional point of view, the worse the food is.So far, boiling food can often lead to the most serious loss of nutrition.Uncooked food contains a wide range of enzymes.The enzyme is, to a large extent, a complex chain of proteins, amino acids, which catalyzes or improves the charge of chemical reactions, such as individuals included in metabolism and digestion.Local natural communities generally believe that enzymes are destroyed at temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 47 degrees Celsius, and that consumer raw materials release beneficial enzymes in the mouth and stomach before digestion.O for each National Cancer Institute, scientific research has shown that cooking meat, especially barbecue meat, can produce unsafe chemical poisons such as cycled amine (or HCAs ), it may not exist in raw meat.These chemicals, including HCAs, may increase the risk of cancer.In particular, studies have shown that HCAs has tripled when cooking temperatures reach 400 degrees Fahrenheit or 204 degrees Celsius, which is usually related to barbecues, barbecues and frying.Raw things are often prepared and eaten in many ways.Of course, contemporary goods may eat uncooked correct food immediately after harvest.Various combinations of fruits and vegetables can also be squeezedKnown options for eating recently.Uncooked food also includes the use of a dehydrator.The food dehydrator uses two basic parts in the process of food drying;warmth and air.The typical dehydrator contains heating aspects, as well as fans and vents for air circulation.The heating components and fans of the food dehydrator work together to remove moisture from the food.When the heat heats the food, its moisture is released and evaporated in the air.The food dehydrator is a great tool for keeping and storing food.Raw food supporters are dehydrated at temperatures below 116 degrees Fahrenheit or 47 degrees Celsius to ensure that important enzymes are not destroyed and that Nutritional losses are minimized.To learn more about this amazing diet food, such as chia seeds, and the wide use of chia seeds, visit NewChiaSeeds.com.
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