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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-19
Raisins are undoubtedly the most common example of dehydrated foods sold and consumed around the world.Other common dried fruits include figs, dates, prunes, apricots, bananas, papaya, mangoes and crispy and delicious banana slices.Although the colors of these foods change after dehydration in texture and in some cases, they are still very delicious and maintain their nutritional value.The most significant change is due to the change in size and weight caused by the application of waste heat to remove water from food during dehydration.In addition to foods with smaller weight and less space, it also has a longer storage life without special packaging, canning or cold storage.For these reasons, the cost of the dehydration process is offset by savings that do not require refrigeration or packaging of food.Therefore, dehydrated foods are ideal for camping, hiking and backpacking;It is lightweight and compact and can last for a long time without a cooler.In fact, food can lose 90% of its weight in water by dehydration.Keep this in mind and ask yourself, what's the difference between the cost of fresh fruit and dehydrated fruit?The cost is definitely not 90% for dried fruit.Dehydrated fruits and vegetables not only retain most of the vitamins and minerals, but can be regrouped with water without losing attraction or flavor.In exchange for less weight, volume and volume, it will take longer for your meal to be prepared from a dry state;However, from an economic point of view, all you need to do is cook what you need, and the rest can be eaten again ---Something fresh, frozen or canned food can't do.Keep in mind that dehydrated foods are the same as fresh, organic, cooked and canned foods with different flavors or flavors.It's not bad, it's just different, these differences change and change with food and different restructuring methods.Take apricot as an example.Dehydrated or dried apricots taste stronger or stronger than fresh apricots, as do dried bananas and other tropical fruits.These subtleties are no different from the fact that different chefs prepare the same food, each using a different or different amount of spices or cooking techniques.Dehydrated food is the perfect food for survival and preparation.As a result of many dry grains such as rice, beans, pasta, cereals and moreGrains, vegetables, meat, etc.Another important survival project is the camping stove or cooking grill.However, both need to store fuel and fuel, which can be exhausted.One fuel that is not exhausted is solar energy.Most people have a common reaction during natural or man-made disasters, that is, do everything they can to survive, especially if they are not prepared for an accident.The result is a combination of panic and hoarding, resulting in a run on the hardware and department stores of grocery stores, survival supplies, kerosene, propane, flashlights, batteries, etc. for food and water.Soon the inventory ran out and the panic turned into chaos.In this case, do not allow yourself;Prepare in advance by storing enough food and water.Keep in mind that the first thing that can't be used during a disaster is utilities that cause refrigerated and frozen food to deteriorate.In most cases, this food accounts for most of the food supply in many American homes, leaving only some canned food, baked goods and junk food in the pantry.Dehydrated food does not need to be refrigerated and can be kept for several months.The rice beans and pasta will last longer and there is only one drawback: most of this food needs to be cooked and there is no utility, what would you do?Solar oven to 300 cooking and baking temperature375 degrees F.Within minutes of queuing with the sun.The solar Sun oven will cook or bake anything that traditional ovens will cook or bake in the same amount of time, and the only difference is that it uses endless solar energy.Most food dehydrators or dryers use electricity, so the extra cost incurred by dehydrated food during production becomes another worthless device.Not only can the solar Sun oven cook your food for free, with the help of the solar oven dehydrator kit, it can now effectively dehydrate the food, otherwise it will deteriorate without refrigeration and save for future consumption.Prepare today's food, water and emergency supplies for tomorrow as you don't know what to bring tomorrow.Dehydration of food is a common sense of healthy and delicious food.
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