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how much electricity does a dehydrator use raw food lifestyle for optimal fitness lifestyle

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-19
I am often surprised by individual differences and their need for nutrition.My training partner is like a camel, barely drinks while running, and his favorite training food is white bread and peanut butter (bread crust and Fig Newton ).In addition to the obvious need to replace the consumption of carbohydrates and liquid demand, the consumed food has an emotional connection with its location in the individual's physiology.Try to tell a man who grew up physically filling his stomach at the end of the training with steak and eggs and a bloated belly that you can eat from fruits and vegetables.Not only do you need to change your perception of what constitutes a nutritious food, but you also need to change the feeling of feeling full and satisfied.I often come across a debate about how much fruit you need to have in your diet, and some people are almost enthusiastic about avoiding fruit and its role to work within the calorie intake range of your diet.As I said, you are anyone and you will be different from your neighbors, which makes the world charming, so you will adapt to your own likes and dislikes for me. I often eat local seasonal fruits but only at specific times.As an athlete, I have been using gel and gel for years to get easy and instant energy, but don't bother them now.
An interesting study shows that as long as there is a carbohydrate-rich liquid in the mouth, it stimulates the body to get more fuel sources.For me, it shows the ability to use natural high-concentrated sugar foods instead of finished products, and I am a huge fan of dates.While I think it's a super food, it's still being ignored and that's the Chiya seed.Chia seed is an ancient seed that has been used by tribesmen for many years as a source of energy and food.As a crop, it has the ability to resist disease and bed bugs and does not require a large amount of chemical growth stimulant.You can put the seeds into a water bottle and become very sticky, but it's easy to digest into magical energy.You can mix it with the juice if you want.I am not a person who likes to drink juice, so I stick it together with water.I like to grind the seeds into a flour-like consistency and then put them into a dehydrator for use as a slice.I put a mixture and I put it in the grinder with soaked almonds (any nuts you like) along with dates that form the paste I use as a smear.As an extra quick and easy energy source, I threw them in the bag with the seeds so they were covered.I found that these things can be placed in a reusable plastic bag, in a tramp bag or bike shirt pocket that you can reach without any effort.I find that the more foods I have that are rich in moisture and nutrition, and in a plant-based raw diet, I don't need that much extra water, and there is no real big flat point on my energy level.I am not a marathon runner, nor have I participated in many activities within 3 hours, so I am unable to explain the sustained energy for long distances initially, although there are many long distance endurance athletes based on a plant diet.By checking your mindset and nutritional needs, you may find that you can cure the disease by changing your diet system, based on raw food plants, and a sports-oriented lifestyle.
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