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how much does it cost to use a food dehydrator? - food dryer dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-02
how much does it cost to use a food dehydrator?  -  food dryer dehydrator
A common misconception is that it is expensive to operate a food dehydrator, from an electrical point of view.
This is not true, although the dehydrator uses electricity for longer periods of time to operate their heating systems and fans, sometimes up to 12 hours and 18 hours.
The food dehydrator dries a variety of foods by removing moisture from the food.
The water content of food is very high, the water content of various fruits and vegetables is usually between 80% and 95%, and the water content of different meats is usually between 50% and 75%.
In order to minimize the dehydration time, the best dehydration methods to follow include cutting the food into 1/4 or less strips and evenly distributing the food in the tray of the entire unit, to maximize the heat and air flow exposed to the unit.
However, even if the best dehydration method is followed, the food drying process can take several hours.
One temptation is to try to speed up the drying time by increasing the dehydration temperature.
It is not recommended to do so, which may cause the food to harden;
That is, the food is dry and hard outside, but the inside is wet and contains water.
Due to the growth of microorganisms, food that is hardened on the surface will deteriorate.
So, what is the typical operating cost of the dehydrator?
Obviously, the cost depends on the state and place you live in the United States. S.
On average, it takes about eight cents for a unit running 750 watts an hour.
Each state of the same 750-watt unit costs about 5 cents per hour from the low end of North Dakota to nearly 22 cents in Hawaii.
A typical dehydrator can run for 12 hours.
For example, assuming that the dehydrator user lives in California, the food dehydrator calculator can be used to estimate the electricity costs required to run 750 watts of food drying equipment, for example, for 12 consecutive hours
In this case, the electricity bill is about $1. 21.
In fact, most food drying units are powered on and off during the drying cycle, so this will be the biggest electricity bill.
If the same California user buys about 3.
7 pounds Apple, $1.
In these 12 hours, users will have about 1 pound of dry apples, which cost $4. 77.
As a result, the total operating cost of a pound of homemade dry apples is about $5. 98.
This homemade cost is advantageous compared to the well-known national dry apple brand recently sold at a large grocery store chain for $2.
5 ounces per bag or 8 dollars per pound. 93.
Homemade dried apples save money compared to the dehydrator purchased by the storeabout $3. 00.
Use a food dehydrator to dehydrate your own dried fruits, dried vegetables and dried beef at home.
Compared to dried fruit and beef jerky purchased by the store, you will keep saving money and get a return on the cost of the food drying equipment.
In addition, you can control the ingredients in the food (
Dried fruits and beef jerky purchased in most stores contain excessive amounts of sugar and salt)
Make delicious food.
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