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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-19
At this time of year, you may consider buying a dehydrator or taking your dehydrator out of the Attic (!) Prepare for the colder months ahead.With this in mind, I think this is the best time to share with you how to really start making some really good food, even if you feel a little nervous and have never even seen or used it before!So, the big question is: "I have my dehydrator, what should I do now?!"Like all new devices, I encourage you to start with something very basic --First of all, simply start doing something, and secondly, summon up the courage so that you can continue to do something bigger and better.In the case of a dehydrator, here's a list of things from the simplest to more complex: slices of fresh fruit and vegetables: starting with some simple classics, such as apples, bananas, cherries, strawberries, mangoes, tomatoes, zucchini, carrots, red bell peppers, etc.Cookies, snack bars and cookies: this is a good next step (it's a step worth it!) Is to continue to eat crispy snacks and snacks such as ingredients that are simple and easy to find (usually nuts, dried fruits, maybe oats or sprouted grains) made pies and cookies you just need to grind in the food processor.At the beginning, just pick an attractive recipe from the original recipe or goneraw.com.Burgers and bread: sometimes it's lovely to eat something more meat, delicious juicy vegetables or nut burgers with fresh and crispy salads and mouth watering spices, often just like taste buds order!Either do it, or wrap it up with a burger wrapped in a large vegetable leaf or a bread-like vegetable leaf and pile it up high with a variety of ingredients and sauces, you can eat something that looks and) Linen biscuits: linen (also known as flax seed) is a good seed, very good for you (full of national education) and very cheap and easy to use.In the final issue, I recommend the recipe for my best Italian linen cookies that anyone with a food processor can do --This is just a simple example.When you do this, you will be glad you did it!They stayed in a closed container for a few months.If they don't eat in the first week...Pizza base: these are as easy to make as linen cookies, but need to add ingredients after dehydration, so it takes longer for the whole recipe.The pizza base I made tastes really good so I always make extra and rate it with a spatula before drying so I also have cookies.In fact, the students I used to know that they didn't even go to the pizza production stage like they do now because they already ate the base!Bread: my first attempt to make bread was a complete disaster.Mainly because I made it about 5 inch deep and tried to dehydrate in the oven that opened the door!With the combination of these two factors, after doing it for such a long time (well, never actually), it fermented and stinked my mother's kitchen, and I was bannedDo I need to say more?!The good news is, believe it or not, you can make raw bread (it can be wheat)Not included or made of sprouted wheat, is actually allergicFree) and (it's a bit exciting!) You can make amazing raw sandwiches that look and taste far better than any Tesco 3 packs you might mention!Those of you who have participated in any raw food event featuring me and raw food chef Russell James may have experienced Russell's perfectly delicious and mouth-watering almond bread sandwich, avocado, tomato, cucumber and cashew stuffing.We're talking now, right?!And beyond...There are many places to go from here, but this is just the beginning after all!Hope to see the road ahead is now planned for you and you are now motivated to clean up the dehydrator (or, in some cases, open it --You know who you are!) Just do it!When you compare a couple of apple rings with a herbed almond bread sandwich, then, do you still want to start working from the dehydrated ranks?
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