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How to Install a Dryer Vent Closure

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-27

hot air dryer machine How to Install a Dryer Vent Closure
The dryer vent closure device, also known as the dryer vent cover or the dryer vent cover, is used to let the hot air in the dryer drain during the drying cycle, and then, when the dryer does not run, prevent the cold air outside to enter. They also prevent the creature from living in your dryer vent hose. These covers and covers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are suitable for any dryer vent pipe. They are connected in basically the same way and only basic tools are needed. If applicable, remove any screws fixed on them by using a screwdriver, and use a tool knife to cut off any sealing cauldron from the closure. 

Close and discard the close. Place the new closure on the protruding duct. Use the old mounting screw holes if possible; If a drill bit with a guide hole drill bit is not used to drill a new screw hole. Make sure that the bit is 1/8-The diameter is less than inches of the diameter of the screw used to install the new closure device in place. Lift the new closure to the wall, mark the mounting hole with a pencil, and drill through the mounting hole of the pilot hole. Place a new closure on the duct. Screw the mounting screw in to secure it in place. Seal the edges with silicone caulking agent.                                

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