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How to Hook Up the Metal Vent From the Back of the Dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-27

hot air dryer machine How to Hook Up the Metal Vent From the Back of the Dryer
The metal vent on the back of the dryer is used to drain hot and wet air during machine operation. The dryer rolls, the heating element or the gas burner is ignited, this hot air rotates around your clothes and is discharged from the vent at the back of the dryer. Most dryers drain this air through an external vent connected to the hose. Proper installation of vent hose is the key to connecting the metal vent on the back of the dryer. Determine the type of pipe that suits your situation. If the dryer vents and external vents are directly above and below each other, two 90-degree angles. If the vent is in a different position, the flexible metal pipe works best. Starting with the metal vents on the back of the dryer, fix the solid pipes together and then work to the external vents.

Vents away from the dryer are considered "male ".These components are always inserted into the pipe during operation. For example, insert the ventilation pipe on the back of the dryer into the next pipe; The tube was inserted into a 90-Bend the degree up, then 90-When the pipe rises to the exhaust port, the degree end of the pipe is inserted into the pipe below. When wearing gloves, cut the tube to the desired length with a tin cut. Once the pipe is in place, wrap the joint up and seal it with a metal strap. Do not insert the screw as the thread will collect the lint and start plugging the pipe. Connect flexible pipes in the same way. The metal exhaust pipe machine on the back is inserted into the vent air outlet inserted by the hose and hose. Fix the end with the correct size belt clip. Tighten them firmly. Many of the flex dryer pipes are equipped with band clips, so there is no need to guess how big they need to be.                                

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