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hot air dryer machine how to get nail polish dry up faster? - fashion

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-07
Most women have experienced the frustration of spending a lot of time cleaning, coloring, polishing nails and toenails in some beauty salons, but after a few minutes they are destroyed.They think that the neatly trimmed nails can be dried in 5 to 15 minutes at room temperature, and then they can do other things.However, the nails were not completely dry after that time.
Customers always leave their nails or get their nails Dirty after they leave the beauty salon or go out.As a result, the damaged nails must be re-made, waiting for the nail polish to dry longer.Waste time, energy and money, why not buy a nail dryer to help you?Nail dryer is a modern solution to help nails dry in a few minutes.
So, sitting and waiting for your nails to dry is no longer a waste of time.With the development of technology, from different shapes to different functions, a lot of new products have been created for nail dryer at the most affordable price.After applying nail polish, Many manicurists still don't make sense to use nail dryers to help dry nails or toenails.
However, the nail dryer is essential for nail art.1.Fast drying of nail polish;2.Dry the nails onto completely hardened nail polish that does not get dirty or scratched;3.Dry both hands or feet at the same time;4.
Dry the nails in a short period of no more than six minutes;5.Easy to use, fully automatic;6.Dry the nails in a cheap and reliable way.The nail dryer includes a temperature manager that controls the heat coming out of it.
Too much heat will dry the nails, but cold air is recommended.The dryer also has warm and cool air flow channels, non-Grip and rest with your fingers.For a more complex design, features like a light indicator are added, easy to carry, and modeled in a portable form.
UV nail dryer is more expensive but more functional.Not only do they have hot and cold airflow, but they use the keyboard, curved edges that provide maximum comfort, and settings from quick to quick nail drying to easily adjust the temperature.In addition, the UV nail dryer has spacious space for hand drying, clear windows to view the drying process, and a lamp to indicate the start and end of the drying process.
These models are very durable and lightweight.Can be the weight used by beauty salons and individuals
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