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hot air dryer machine air fryer recipes - what else can you cook besides chips!

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-07
If you own an air fryer, such as a Tefal or Philips model, you may be looking for a recipe for air fryer to add your repertoire from potato chips!Although most people may buy an air fryer to eat French fries, these Fryer can cook something else without adding weight, or for health purposes.It depends on the model you have.The two main designs of the low-distance air fryer are the Tefal Actifry and the newer Philips Air Fryer.Everyone makes chips with a tablespoon (or less) of cooking oil, meat and poultry, but they do it in a slightly different way, which makes the things you can cook in different.
When Tefal Actifry cycles hot air around the food while using a paddle to move the food around the container, Philips Airfryer does not actually move the food.This means that some foods like chips need to shake in the middle of cooking time.Hot air also moves inside Philips, but the heat comes from a part on top of the fryer.
The location of the elements and the container of the food are different to the kind of food you can cook in these Fryer, so some air fryer recipes will be different, although it may be suitable for your particular type of low-fat Air Fryer.Tefal's Airfryer recipes typically focus on foods that can be stirred due to paddles (although many have removed this in order to cook things like bacon and potato Brown ).Food cooked with Tefal usually includes stir fries, smaller breadfish, Curry and casserole, as well as baked potatoes and wind-proof grass.
The downside of Tefal is that if you cook fish and chips, there may be some shift in the smell and taste of the food as it does not separate the food.This is not the case when you use Philips Airfryer because you will also get a food that includes a food dispenser.Philips Airfryer places the food in a container basket or a solid baking container that comes with it, and you can place the food in a different compartment due to the partition.
The main difference between the Airfryer recipes is that you can actually bake cakes, sausage rolls, muffins and stuffed vegetables.You can also pre-Toast and chips.I think what you have to be sure of is what kind of airfryer recipe you are most likely to make.If the reason you bought this Fryer is to observe your weight, do you really need a fryer that makes a cake?The space for Philips Airfryer is a little smaller, but if you want a baking tray and partition, you will most likely see more money than you need.
This is a tough choice because both are very good machines!
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