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hockey equipment drying stand: 3 steps (with pictures) - drying equipment

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-21
hockey equipment drying stand: 3 steps (with pictures)  -  drying equipment
In my first season of hockey, my equipment quickly smelled bad.
After not playing for a week I will put my stuff back in place and my device is still wet!
My friend told me she bought a clothes rack on Amazon and it was $70 when I looked up.
There was a time when I had smelly wet equipment.
I will open my bag after practice, but even then it will take me a couple of days to dry and fill my little apartment with an incomparable smell of ventilation.
Then I decided to try and make myself a clothes rack.
I found a photo online and walked past it from there.
Early planning is usually not my strong point but since I don't have a car and can't go to Lowes for a few days, I relearned the CAD skills I pretended to learn in my engineering class and made a model.
I quickly realized that the stands would eventually look very similar to five people.
People with high feet so it needs to be easy to break down or my roommate will kick it out of the apartment with me.
I decided to make it with PVC so that I could break it in half when it wasn't used to dry things and it could be completely disassembled when closedseason.
Overall I need 165 of the PVC to be split into the following sections: I also need the following connectors: I ended up buying all the connectors plus two 10-foot pipes. I got the 0.
75 "thick pipe, just the right size.
It cost about $24 in total.
Other items not included in that price are as follows: after purchasing the material, I cut the tube into pieces with my dad friend's chop saw.
Attached is a photo of my cutting material taken by my dad, which was very embarrassing at the time, but now I appreciate it a bit (
I mean, what's the use of dad? ).
Assembly is very self-contained. explanatory.
I decided not to put any joint cement together because I was hoping to be able to break it down completely when I got off workseason.
Enjoy the final product!
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