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history of the clothes dryer - whirlpool clothes dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-17
history of the clothes dryer  -  whirlpool clothes dryer
As early as 1955, the average price of the clothes dryer was $230, equivalent to $1,600 today.
That is why only about 10% of families actually had one at that time;
Now the average cost of the dryer is about $300.
The dryer was actually made in the UK at the end of the 18 th century.
These machines were actually called "ventilator" at the time ".
These devices are huge drums made of metal with small holes for ventilation, they will be driven by a hand-cranked and used on fire.
This creates a strong smell of smoke on clothes that are covered with soot and they often catch fire.
In 1892, George Samson came up with a better dryer that had a shelf that was heated with a stove.
The first dryer was made by J. Ross Moore.
He built a shed, installed a stove, and hung up the clothes in the shed to dry.
For more than 30 years, Moore has come up with the idea of an automatic dryer.
He made a drum model.
He created an electric and gas model, but the problem was that he needed a manufacturer to produce them because of financial difficulties.
After many rejections, he finally reached an agreement with Hamilton manufacturing.
The new clothes dryer, called June, went on sale on 1938.
In 1940s, the dryer became more and more popular.
After World War II, Hamilton Manufacturing sold 60,000 dryers a year.
Whirlpool began selling gas dryers in 1955, claiming that due to increased gas production and increased airflow, it cut the drying time by half compared to the ordinary speed dryer.
Many improvements have been made to this early model dryer since 1946, moving the controls to the front of the dryer.
Timer, wet air exhaust, temperature control and cooling cycle are added.
In 1959, a dry sensor was installed for the first time in order to turn off the power supply after a large amount of clothing was dried.
In 1965, they added a permanent news cycle, and in 1972 they added electric start control to the gas dryer.
1983 delayed start-up timers were added, and dryers with Spanish instructions, manuals and consoles were provided in 1985.
Today's dryer is still being improved. We now have many different options for drying clothes. Some interfaces are now completely electronic.
All in all, I hope this article will help you learn more about the history of the clothes dryer.
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