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history of conveyor belts - conveyor belt material

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-30
history of conveyor belts  -  conveyor belt material
Conveyor belt of history began in 17 century the second half.
Since then, the conveyor belt has become an inevitable part of material transportation.
But in 1795, the conveyor belt became a popular way to transport bulk materials.
Initially, the conveyor belt was only used to move the grain bag to a short distance.
Conveyor system and work very simple in the early days.
The conveyor system has a flat wooden bed and a belt through the wooden bed.
Previously, the conveyor belt was made of leather, canvas or rubber.
This original conveyor system is very popular and can ship bulky items from place to place.
At the beginning of the 20 th century, the conveyor belt is more and more widely used.
Hymle Goddard of Logan is the first person to obtain a roller conveyor patent in 1908.
The business of the roller conveyor was unsuccessful.
A few years later, in 1919, power and free conveyors were used in car production.
Therefore, the conveyor belt becomes a popular tool for transporting heavy and large goods in the factory.
In the 1920 s, conveyor belts were common and had undergone tremendous changes.
The coal mine uses a conveyor belt to handle coal operations of more than 8 kilometers and is made of a layer of cotton and rubber sleeve.
The longest conveyor belt used now is 60 miles long in phosphate mines in Western Sahara.
One of the turning points in the history of conveyor belts is the introduction of synthetic conveyor belts.
It was launched during World War II, mainly due to the lack of natural materials such as cotton, rubber and canvas.
Since then, synthetic conveyor belts have become popular in various fields.
With the increase of market demand, many synthetic polymers and fabrics are beginning to be used in the manufacture of conveyor belts.
Nowadays, cotton, canvas, B-C rubber, leather, neoprene, nylon, polyester, polyurethane, PVC, rubber, silicone and steel are commonly used on conveyor belts.
Now, the material used to make the conveyor belt is determined by its application.
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