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harriet arkell savvy shopper: cauliflower cous cous, berry-sized tomatoes and spaghetti made from carrots and courgettes. it's time to... sex up your summer veg - commercial food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-03
harriet arkell savvy shopper: cauliflower cous cous, berry-sized tomatoes and spaghetti made from carrots and courgettes. it\'s time to... sex up your summer veg  -  commercial food dehydrator
We all want to eat more vegetables, but it's easy to get bored when you cook the same old stuff in the same old way.
Making it interesting is the key.
They did a very good job in France, where the basic green beans were added with walnut oil and crushed sea salt and became a sweet feast, carrots are raised to a new level with a little sugar and fresh tarragon.
But when you deal with standard supermarket vegetables, it doesn't always sing with taste like the product you bought while on vacation in the sun --
You need a little help in foreign markets.
The spiral that cuts vegetables into noodles and gadgets like mandolin can be useful and stylish.
However, they also need time and care to operate, which may not be necessary
Put, make it possible for you to choose to put the kettle on the frozen peasagain.
This week, Tesco launched a series of imaginative vegetables, including zucchini and cauliflower, which made vegetables interesting without effort.
Emma Bonny, a vegetable buyer at Tesco, said: "Creating vegetable alternatives for carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice and pasta is becoming more and more popular --
Not just for eating awareness.
"Take a look at the foodie website and you'll find delicious recipes made by adventurous family chefs who have condensed and mashed vegetables.
It's easy if you have a decent food processor or screw, but not everyone has it, so we think our new collection will be popular with shoppers.
The supermarket has also launched a range of vegetable dishes, including spicy bean burgers, pumpkin and spinach lasagna and three
Bean peppers, help those who want to reduce meat and add more vegetables to their diet.
Tesco is not the only one.
After reaching the same conclusion, Ocado launched a vegetarian shop for customers wishing to eat more vegetables and vegetablesbased dishes.
It has more than 600 products and offers many help and delicious ways to get more vegetables into your diet
Or sneak into the kid's meal.
Scroll down to watch the video highlights include "Secret Snow Lotus" filled with peas, carrots, green beans and onions, raw organic sauerkraut (
Traditional Eastern Europe that suddenly became very fashionable)
Handmade beets, perfect for a smart dinner.
Finally, White Rose reported a growth rate of 16 this year. on-
The sales of vegetable selection increase year by year, what must vegetable selection be
Hater's dream: ice cream made of vegetables.
Stores in London and Whiterose are available.
Com this week, French fresh green made of basil, avocado, spinach and celery.
Is there a better way to eat your five every day?
I chose the best and most delicious way to pack more vegetables: zucchini, 1, a lot of people are raving about it, but if you're not sure if zucchini is
A replacement for spaghetti made with chopped zucchini-
It's for you, don't want to buy a screw for 30 to find out, try this (pictured above).
Already ready for you, it just takes a few minutes to stay in a frying pan or pan --
Try Super with garlic sauce-
Fast and healthy vegetable dinner.
Parma breadcrumbs Courgettes370g, 2, sainsbury's these are packed in their own foil tray, so all you need to do is remove the clingfill cover and willheated oven.
Cut the zucchini into chips and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and crumbs.
As a result, it's a pretty tasty alternative, except for the chips your kids will love.
Served with white fish fillet and healthy fish and chips.
Tomberries: 125g, sainsbury, a bowl in the kitchen will help if you want to eat up to five cups a day.
Little Blueberry
From a wild breed that is already commercially grown, you won't be able to stop yourself from popping one more in your mouth.
Secret sausage
3 servings of vegetables.
Sixty-five varieties, including Lincoln County, Cumberland, rosemary and garlic, and cheese and onions, have ocado, which is rich in carrots, mung beans, peas and onions. . .
Your kids won't know!
Unlike some vegetable sausages, they also have low fat and gluten levels --free.
Not only is the package clever, but the taste is also good and worth buying.
200g, 1 small kale and hairy nut.
Pumpkin can be a drilling preparation.
This small bag also contains kale, broccoli, and beans.
Two to three minutes microwave
Delicious, simple and nutritious.
If you like the idea of vegetable pasta but are not interested in zucchini, why not try this carrot version.
Sweet and bright, especially good for picky kids, even though I like to eat my carrot pasta with small dots stirring with blue cheese, walnuts, Sudan, lemon juice and olive oil.
Cauliflower cusus 33g, 1 pound, tesuuliu flower 'cusus' or 'rice 'as a replacement for carbohydrates has been a big news for the past yearconsuming.
Tesco has done all the hard work, so this is a godsend --
Fry it with a little oil or butter for 4 minutes.
Or you can mix it with eggs, ground cheddar and Parmesan, and make it a carbohydrate
Pizza crust free
Do you remember the innocent vegetable pot? Miss them?
Well, the man who made them in innocent times left and set off alone --
This is the result (pictured above).
In addition to the two main vegetable ingredients, the Super Quinoa Pumpkin variety is also rich in carrots, butter beans, pumpkin seeds, kale, coconut milk and lemon grass.
This means two of your five calories a day, but only 368 calories.
It's really easy to eat more vegetables-
So why not put a healthy lunch in the office fridge?
Eggplant, cheese and pepper Parcels250g/£ 2, 4.
99, waiting for another new vegetable
Plush products from Whiterose, these small packages are filled with fine spiced vegetables
You can have garlic spinach or tomato salad for dinner.
Pasta, 4.
99, these beautiful stuffed pasta parcels from OcadoThese are a strong purple color, thanks to all the beets, which mix Italian cheese and a lot of nutmeg.
My kitchen food dehydrator is 49.
New ways to make vegetables more attractive --
Turn them into potato chips at home!
Once it becomes an area of nutrition, the home chef can now use the dehydrator.
Put potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, beets on the tray to dehydrate and make potato chips.
Or make your own version of the "sun "--dried tomatoes.
You can eat yogurt for brekkie or dollop on spudsIt, a staple in the Middle East for thousands of years, but now delicious Lebanese yogurt called labneh has arrived at the British supermarket.
Thick, because it is filtered out of whey, the taste of yogurt is almost sour, often having breakfast in the Middle East, as a dip in the baked pitta bread, spread on the plate, drizzle with olive oil and mint.
Labneh is also delicious as a seasoning for roasted sweet potatoes, drenched in packaging instead of mayonnaise to make coleslaw --
This is a common grilled fish in the Middle East.
Another very popular way to serve is to dry it slightly, roll it into a ball, spray it with a mixture of harissa or other spices, and cover it with olive oil.
It can also be eaten with sweets, and it works especially well with granola, berries and a little honey.
Labneh is usually quite low in calories-
Only 85 grams per 100 grams, the fat content is (4g per 100g)
, Which makes it a great choice for those who want to lose weight.
It is also rich in probiotics or good bacteria that are believed to enhance the immune system.
In the Middle East, many people filter salty yogurt through cheese cloth for a few days and make their own labneh at home.
But if you don't have time, you can buy it now at Tesco.
Nomadic labneh costs 1.
350g, found on the yogurt aisle next to Tesco's Greek yogurt.
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