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functional technologies acquires p.e.i. firm - drying equipment

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-22
functional technologies  acquires p.e.i. firm  -  drying equipment
Functional technology company
Edward Pulse is a supplier of Prince Edward Island drying equipment, which is expected to increase the production of functional yeast and reduce costs.
In addition to the disclosure of the terms concerning cash, stocks and a small amount of royalties, the terms of purchase were not detailed yesterday.
Funtional said the acquisition will greatly speed up its
Using Ocean pulse drying technology, turn cream yeast into a bulk working product of wine, thus improving yeast production capacitymaking market.
The acquisition complements the early acquisition of P Grahams pond production and laboratory facilities by functional technology. E. I.
The company said that the renovation of Grahams Pond has begun and that the MPD equipment will be installed after the acquisition process is over.
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