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fruit leather time! a most healthy and delicious snack for all! - fruit leather dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-05
fruit leather time! a most healthy and delicious snack for all!  -  fruit leather dehydrator
One of my 5 year old son's favorite snacks is fruit leather
Basically a homemade fruit roll. ups.
They are a great snack and super easy to make.
They don't have any chemical preservatives or artificial sugar and still taste delicious!
This week, I was hiking with my boyfriend Dusty and my friend Lisa (and her 2 dogs)
We found lilikoi tons!
Therefore, we have a lot of mature and delicious lilikoi, which inspired the idea of making a batch of fruit leather.
We go to the local farmers market in halmea Valley every week, Haleiwa farmers market.
We bought a jackfruit from farmer's friend Lindy.
Jackfruit is a good source of antioxidant vitamin C, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron
Nutrients necessary to maintain a healthy body system.
Interesting facts about jackfruit: jackfruit is reported to be the secret ingredient of Juicy Fruit gum! !
We also bought some ripe bananas in the market.
Most of the time, our local farmers have too many ripe bananas, so we are able to get them for a very good price.
They may be wasted if we don't buy them because they are already yellow and have brown spots.
The first Okai helped peel the banana, and I got all the flesh and seeds from jackfruit and lilicola.
We mixed all the fruit in the blender until it turned into smoothies.
Of course, Okai has to taste it to make sure it tastes good!
Then we put it on a piece of parchment paper on the dehydrator tray.
We made a few batches of smoothies, so we filled quite a few pallets and put them into the dehydrator for 16 hours at 105 degrees. (
If you do it yourself at home, when you remove the tray from the dehydrator, be sure to make sure there are no sticky or soft spots in the fruit leather.
You will want to make sure the liquid is dry all the way. )
We cut the fruit leather into strips as a good snack for the kids (and adults too! ).
They will be flying in the air for about a month.
Tight containers on the counter or in the fridge for about a year, but we usually eat them in about two weeks because they are so delicious.
They are also a great gift for friends with children!
I like to make fruit leather with my son as he will be involved in the creative process of preparing the food he likes!
He also likes the responsibility of being an excellent assistant, which I think is very important for the development of young children.
I hope you enjoy learning about our fruit leather adventure!
I encourage you to be creative and have fun with a variety of different fruits!
The article first appeared on Noelani Love's blog life from the eyes of Love: yoga, mother mermaid.
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