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food dehydrators' increasing use and popularity - food dryer dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-03
food dehydrators\' increasing use and popularity  -  food dryer dehydrator
The author of a new book, The dehydrator Bible, recently told Canadian media that sales of 2008 food dehydrators in North America increased by 25% to 3 million.
Food drying is one of the oldest food preservation techniques and has been in use for centuries.
However, the use of a food dehydrator to dry, preserve and store food is clearly becoming more and more popular.
What is the reason for their growing popularity? -
The quality of the dehydrator has improved.
The Heat, fans and airflow built into today's drying units make the drying process faster and easier. -
The diet of raw food is becoming more and more popular.
Using a food dehydrator is an important part of eating raw food.
Raw eaters usually use a dehydrator to heat a variety of foods at temperatures below 114 to 116 degrees Fahrenheit. -
Supporting, buying and eating locally grown food from the farmers' market is becoming more and more popular.
In fact, The New Oxford American Dictionary defines the word locavore as someone who tries to eat only locally grown food and selects it as 2007 words of the year.
Using a food dehydrator can help preserve fresher local food. -
Home gardening is on the rise.
Whether it's the Obama White House garden's popularity, challenging economic times, numerous high-profile food safety recalls, or an increased awareness of the negative effects of industrial agriculture, more and more people are growing family gardens.
According to a recent report released by the National Horticultural Association, there are 43 million in the United States. S.
In 2009, families planned to build a backyard garden or share it in a community garden, an increase of about 19% over 2008.
To preserve, store, and later use, drying food grown by oneself is very useful for the harvest of the family garden. -
The dehydrator allows people to control what is added to the food.
For example, the store purchased fruit rolls or fruit leather, and the beef jerky purchased by the store contained preservatives and extra salt or sugar.
However, food dryer users can control the ingredients in homemade fruit leather and beef jerky and can modify them according to taste and needs.
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