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food dehydrator with timer my best gadgets for the kitchen, earn their keep

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-08
One of my best gadgets in the kitchen stayed in the cupboard during the winter months, and unless there were too many delicious things in the store, they ran out occasionally.Of course I'm talking about food dehydrators.A less well-known, sturdy gadget that makes money if you plant or buy seasonal fruits and vegetables to store for the winter.
Picking and preparing summer vegetables and fruits again, rather than peeling and chopping winter root crops for casserole or stew, is really great to resist the cold weather.The summer crop is just coming. when you don't want to eat European wind-proof grass again, you don't have the food saved last season. in order to save your taste, come here for sweet and delicate broad beans.
Soon, there will be more vegetables in the garden than we eat, and if you don't keep picking peas and running beans, they will stop producing pods.As a result, the annual kitchen cycle of the ancient winter food preservation has begun, which means cumbersome bottling, canning and freezing times.More importantly, this year, a person's own kitchen needs may go astray because the eyes are more comprehensive than the family's ability to eat all zucchini, which has been formed on very healthy plants.
Oops!Why do I always grow so much?Tomatoes are the same every year, much longer than ever before they can be made into sauce or other processed.But after doing it, they have a whole new life and a lot less storage space, leaving room for cooking food in the refrigerator.Forget the time when you can or hot and freeze.
Try to dry.
Drying summer herbs like oregano, rat sage, and Rosemary means you have mixed herbal supplies throughout the winter, and you know, haven't been sitting in a warehouse for months, they will keep all the spicy flavors.Apple, egg flower, pear, apricot, they are all very dry, after restructuring, to make a delicious fruit.There is no artificial use of food dehydrator.
You have to slice the fruits and vegetables.Using a meat cutter is the fastest and most effective method, but the sharp knife works well --just slower.You will also need to spray food ready to dry with lemon juice to help keep the colorThis is a secret compared to hot cans and boiled water.
Besides that, it's easy.
You put a few slices of tomatoes or apples on the clothes rack, etc, and then turn off the dehydrator.If I compare the time and energy we used to use for canning and bottling with what we dry now, there is no competition and the dehydration wins.This is not to say that nothing is no longer bottled, fruit wine is the taste of summer in winter, fruit is frozen and used in our precious ice town manufacturers, but most of the time, extra things will be dried, then recover on a cold, dark winter night and taste the taste of the summer.
Only the best kitchen equipment can make money like this one
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