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food dehydrator reviews - where to buy food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-01
food dehydrator reviews  -  where to buy food dehydrator
When you buy a food dehydrator, you will want to get the most effective model for your dollar.
If you are not sure what you are looking for, it can be difficult to shop for food dehydrator.
However, it may be easy if you know what you want to do with it.
A few practical steps will help you to better purchase the right food dehydrator.
Keep reading and I will tell you how simple it is to buy the right food dehydrator.
When buying a food dehydrator, some ideas to review can be made into a small and simple list.
Think about how much storage your dehydrator needs.
This can be done by calculating how often you dehydrate your food and how many different types of food you plan to dehydrate in your food dehydrator.
If you dehydrate many different types of food frequently or at the same time, consider buying two smaller food dehydrators at the same price as a larger food dehydrator.
The reason this is a practical idea is because different types of food need to be dehydrated at different time periods and the drying time is different.
For example, you never want to dehydrate meat and fruit at the same time in a food dehydrator, because the drying time is different.
Try to keep the wattage of the food dehydrator at or slightly above 500 Watts with a capacity of 4 to 12 pallets.
If you buy a food dehydrator with a power of 1000 watts or more then consider adding more trays to prevent excessive dehydration and drying of the food.
Again, if you have a 24-tray food dehydrator and it is full and you have 500 watts of electricity, you may be at risk that the food will not dehydrate properly.
Then the problem may be that the food is not completely dry, which can cause mold or bacteria to grow in the food.
A very common mistake many people make when buying a food dehydrator is to buy cheap "no name" models.
You might want to know why this is the case?
The reason for the "test" is that the normally less-known named models in the food dehydrator are also not tested and may not work effectively or will run out quickly.
When this happens, you are stuck with a refund, which can be more troublesome than buying the right model.
Another common mistake many people make on a food dehydrator is spending too much.
If you don't need an 18 tray food dehydrator for $200, don't buy it.
Buy a more affordable 500 W 12 pallet food dehydrator for $80
Instead, for $100, you will have more extra money to spend on buying food.
All of the above tips will help you to buy a food dehydrator that is practical for the food you want and will not let you buy the wrong model.
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