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by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-28
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Sadie Nicholas of the Daily Mail released: March 23, 2013 at 18: 00 EDT | update: 19: 40 EDT on March 25, 2013, for any parent trying to get the child to sit at the table, this seems to be an out-of-the-box suggestion.
Gwynith Paltrow admitted in her new recipe that not only did she avoid eating pasta, dairy products, sugar, bread and rice, but she also avoided eating an eight-year-old Apple, moses, six, often eats similar foods.
Internet chat rooms are packed with mothers, agog-no trouble insurance like toast, pizza and risotto, where will they be?
Gwyness's comments were not only ridiculed by parents, but also by many health experts who called her "stupid ".
But does her approach sound like crazy? Perhaps not.
In fact, more and more Britons are going to be more extreme in order to improve their family health-and they find that it does work.
Now, outside the bohemian enclave in London and New York, restaurants pop up to tap into the growing desire for raw vegetarian diets-a philosophy similar to the one behind the diet in the Paltrow book.
Even Virgin Active, a fitness chain specializing in family services, has signed an agreement with Saf
End chain of vegetarian restaurants.
A family in Sheffield is looking for ways to fight a variety of diseases, and they have experienced almost immediate health improvements after turning to vegetarian diets, so they have opened a cafe for people like them.
The 26-year-old Inga Dirziute has been plagued by Acne, mood swings and lethargy since she had her now five-year-old daughter, Kameja.
Robert, a 29-year-old carpenter, suffered from asthma and recurrent throat inflammation;
David, the 7-year-old son, is often plagued by chest infections;
He and his sister are often at odds.
Inga began to study the family's diet carefully. Now, twoand-a-
After exchanging meat, fish, dairy products and anything cooked for the strict raw vegetarian menu for half a year, they claim there are no such health problems.
Robert said: "I haven't been to a general practitioner for two years, I have used my air filter, I have not taken a tablet, I have not even taken a breath.
While food experts have been reacting to gwyness's book, warning children not to eat a "reject diet", others say that a vegetarian diet can be nutritious, even if it is properly implemented
But that doesn't mean how it tastes.
In my opinion, vegetarian food means a sea of beige (tofu? Yuk! Quorn? Erm . . . )
Beans or grilled vegetables are occasionally put in.
That's not the case, Inga said, and he kindly invited the Mail to have lunch with his family on Sunday to prove how rich and delicious the fare is.
When I got to their 4 th
In the bedroom house, David Jr. and Kameja sat at the table, eating cold soups, salads, stuffed tomatoes and "burgers" made of walnuts and mushrooms ".
Strange, they look like hamburgers.
"My grandmother used to say that everything could be treated naturally through food," Inga said . " She is a healthy photo with sparkling eyes and no pimples on the glowing skin.
Inga explained that the vegan diet does not include all meat, fish and animal products such as dairy products, nor does it include raw food, which can be heated in the food dehydrator, the dehydrator is used to make crispy snacks from fruits and vegetables, but the temperature does not exceed 40 °c.
So, while chips with margarine are considered vegetarian, it's unlimited on raw food.
No bread, no potatoes (
Need to cook)
No pasta, no rice.
On Inga's kitchen rack, there are countless sparkling glass jars filled with everything from pecans, walnuts and almonds to things I don't know, such as coriander, raw buckwheat and strange
It is made from plants growing in the Andes mountains.
What stands out is a can of coffee granules.
Inga explained that it was just for the guests and that the family would now eat smoothies made of spinach, fresh pineapple, lemon and avocado.
The blue eyes flashed and Kameja told me that her favorite was her mother's "Rabbit water ski"-which had carrots, almond milk, bananas and cinnamon.
David likes the taste of chocolate, which contains fragrant beans or raw cocoa.
They like to put fruits and vegetables into the juicer and create their own mixture.
"The best one I do has a lot of apples and some green lime juice," David said . " He gave me some little tomatoes that looked like they were full of sunshine.
The bright yellow mixture is a mixture of celery, cashew nuts and spices.
Very delicious.
I also tried potato chips made from dehydrated kale and ice soup with tomatoes and basil that smell like summer and taste very sacred and I request Ingame
A dessert made of raw cashew sauce, mango and cocoa beans with dates and macadamia nut bases that not only looks like a decadent cheesecake, but also tastes like one.
I'm starting to see why Madonna, Demi Moore and Sting are advocates of raw food.
Hollywood actress Michelle fiver recently talked about why she chose a vegetarian diet in order to "live as long as possible.
But what about nutritional value?
Raw food lovers claim that cooking food will kill vitamins and minerals, but different studies have found the opposite.
While cooking can spoil some (but not all)
Vitamin C, a process that promotes the absorption of important diseases
A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2008 found that strict
Beta in food diet-
Antioxidants found in dark green, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables.
But the red pigment in their body-a red pigment mainly present in tomatoes-is low in content and is thought to reduce the risk of cancer and heart attacks.
At the same time, a 2008 report in The Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry says carrots, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, cabbage and peppers provide more when cooking or steaming than when raw.
Maybe the answer is both.
Inga initially decided that her family would try vegetarian food for a month.
She recalled that we like to have barbecues and barbecues twice a week.
But the children ate vegetables, rice or pasta and just picked them on the meat.
"So when I told them and Robert that I wanted us to give up the meat, they were happy to try and we continued to eat the fish so it didn't feel very intense.
Robert says his health has improved almost immediately, and David is clearly not as healthy a month later.
Inga paid £ 4,500 from savings in 2010-
A long-term accommodation course at the Atlanta Institute of Living Food, an educational center dedicated to teaching the health benefits of organic, vegetarian and raw food.
I ate raw.
It was my first diet, she recalled, and within a few weeks my mood swings eased and my skin improved.
When I got home, my family was born immediately.
Enga has invested in a business project.
Advanced juicer and food dehydrator is a kitchen device that can slowly heat food to remove moisture.
At school, David and Kameja had a hearty lunch with raw carrots, tomatoes, peppers, dehydrated spinach cookies and houmous made of sunflower seeds and pepper.
Robert went to work with a similar lunch box and a "cheese" sandwich made of soy bread and cashew nuts and macadamia nuts.
I used to weigh more than 15 lbs, he said, but in two months, I lost 2 lbs when we were raw.
"My mind is clearer and I have no energy to decline after lunch.
In my first year, I often crave steak or fries, but Inga has found a way to recreate the taste and texture that reminds me of things like burgers.
Nutritionist Azmina govji is a spokeswoman for the British Food Association. BDA)
She also said raw vegetarian diets may be a good source of nutrition, but urged caution.
There is evidence that plants
A base-based diet can effectively reduce the risk of certain cancers and heart disease, she says, because you may consume fewer calories, so there is less chance of being obese.
Vegetarian food is rich in fruits and vegetables and can be provided like beta-
Carrots can enhance immunity, and nuts and seeds that make up a large part of this diet are also very beneficial to your health.
But for young children, it may be difficult to get the nutrients and protein, fat and calorie levels they need to grow, and the development of bones and muscles.
The fiber content of raw and vegetarian diets is also high, which is not recommended for young children, because too much fiber limits the absorption of iron and calcium.
But we can all benefit from exchanging some processed meat.
Raw or vegetarian dishes are served every week.
Although the food I eat is delicious, it is hard to imagine that raw vegetarian food will make my social life simple.
"Friends still invite us to dinner and make salad for us, but we also eat our own food," Inga said . " She opened a pure-born Cafe in last September.
If the children go to the birthday party, we will let them eat cakes and sandwiches if they really want them, but they will not be angry.
I asked them to have some chocolate recently.
Within a few minutes they fought in a way that we didn't have when we were born-concentrated sugar made them crazy.
It's hard for me to believe that there's nothing dirty that people don't want.
Is there melted cheese in the grilled sandwich or steamed cream sponge and cream jelly?
The kids say they miss McDonald's, mainly free toys!
Inga admits with a smile that last Christmas they ate mashed potatoes and some steamed vegetables as "special treatment ".
Mashed potatoes as per yearoff?
Now I don't think I can do it.
When it comes to the therapeutic properties of food, there is little evidence to prove.
However, as a consultant for Channel 4 "food Hospital", I found that almost all patients found that changes in diet improved their health.
Here are their common questions: what diseases are responding to food?
Some studies have shown that those with low levels of vitamin A in their diet have a higher proportion of asthma, and found in carrots and sweet potatoes that vitamin C-oranges are a good source-selenium, A mineral found in nuts and grains.
Studies have shown that calcium
Rich foods such as yogurt have pre-
Menstrual syndrome (PMS).
Did The Food Hospital find anything new?
A prominent case is a lady who has suffered from hair loss for ten years and has almost no hair on her body.
We asked her to eat a balanced diet, including the nutrients of each food group.
It is recommended that our diet consists of a third carbohydrate, a third fruit and vegetable, a protein of ten per cent, a dairy product of ten per cent and a high fat and sugar of no more than 7% per cent.
By the end of the series, she already had the obvious hair to start growing.
Is it a coincidence? We don’t know.
More research is needed.
How is the skin?
We also introduced a mother with psoriasis and her younger son.
To avoid processed foods and anything that might aggravate the condition, we put them in our diet.
For example, Omega 6 in fried foods increases skin inflammation by producing a large amount of insulin.
Instead, they eat foods rich in Omega 3, such as oily fish, nuts and avocados, and fish oil supplements.
The itching stopped almost immediately.
Healthy vegetarian diet?
Remove the garbage and include a large amount of fresh and natural food in your diet, which is of great benefit to health.
Eating raw vegetarian food requires a lot of preparation to ensure a balanced meal.
If we all take the same idea of what we eat, rather than eating potato chips, chocolate or processed foods, our health will benefit.
What is the best diet for our health?
Our diet is rich in nutrients, including fresh fish, lean meat, fruits, vegetables and olive oil.
Get rid of processing and highfat, high-
Sugar food will give our body a chance to heal.
How about superfoods-are they especially good for us?
Parsley, blueberries and mangoes are all labeled as such, but the European food and security agency has rightly banned the word.
It is useless to expect a nutritious food to cure the disease. all.
So isn't carbs a bad thing? No!
Glucose from complex carbohydrates is the only fuel source for our brains.
They contain the necessary fibers that help prevent diseases such as cancer and provide important B vitamins that help turn glucose into energy, regulate cholesterol and promote a healthy nervous system.
We learned from the study that children who eat compound carbohydrates for breakfast are more vigilant at school than children who do not eat compound carbohydrates.
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