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food dehydrator review - dry your food with the best - food dryer dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-03
food dehydrator review - dry your food with the best  -  food dryer dehydrator
Drying food at home with a food dehydrator is a sum of money-
A healthy hobby.
The hardest thing is not dehydration, but how to choose a dehydrator.
The price of one of the dryers ranges from $50 to $300.
Sometimes it's hard to pick something when you have so many choices.
There are a few things to consider when shopping here.
First, consider how many dryers you think you will use.
If you don't think you're going to dehydrate a lot, then you might accept it. level unit.
It is not recommended to purchase the cheapest model for several reasons.
First, cheap things will not last long.
Second, you can not improve for the time being, if (when)
You will find that you like to dry food and want to do more.
With an inflatable dehydrator, the dehydrator will grow as your appetite for dehydrated food grows.
Be careful, though, because the bigger your device is, the more power it should output.
About 100 watts per tray.
Each dehydrator can be easily beaten, but when you add a lot of pallets, you may find it underpowered.
This means that you have to rotate the tray and run it longer.
Buy one with an adjustable thermostat.
Everything from fruit to meat to potatoes can dry you.
Some recipes need to be dried for two hours at one temperature and done at a lower temperature.
Can adjust the heat to make the dehydrator more useful.
The household dehydrator moves air vertically or horizontally.
Some models have a fan at the bottom that blows hot air up through the tray.
The tray at the bottom is warmer than the one above, so you may need to rotate the tray on a regular basis.
Other models of fans are heated from the back and the fan blows the air to the tray instead of passing through the tray.
If you are drying different foods, it means that the mix tastes are reduced.
In addition, all pallets are evenly dried.
You can also choose according to the material.
Stainless steel or plastic dehydrator for home use.
You can also find a plan to build one with wood, but it is not recommended to do so.
The wood will catch fire and it is difficult to keep it clean.
This leaves you with a plastic or stainless steel dehydrator.
You have to spend a lot of money if you want to buy a stainless steel model.
High quality steel is expensive.
You 'd better have a high-
Good quality plastic is lower than cheap
Quality steel.
If you're worried about aesthetics, you'll find something that looks great, like L'Equip.
Then you can look at the shape.
There are cylinders and cubes.
I recommend Square food dehydrator as you can get more dry space available.
There is a hole in the middle of the circle, which means you can't put the food on the tray.
And, if you want to put it on the counter, you can put it on the wall.
Finally, think about buying one with a timer.
When it comes to drying time, the recipe for the food dehydrator changes a lot.
You may dehydrate something that will not be finished until midnight.
The timer will turn off the machine at the right time and let you dry the snacks without pressure.
With these factors in mind, you will be able to figure out how to choose a dehydrator for your home.
Think about all the delicious snacks you will make and save a lot of money at the same time.
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