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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-19
Nowadays, people have gained more understanding of health and eating behavior has also developed in a positive direction.In addition to eating snacks, eating dehydrated fruits and vegetables is also good for your health.They are very good for your quality of life and can give you the range of essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.However, dehydrated foods from industry may contain certain chemicals such as preservatives such as sulfur dioxide.To avoid these problems, it is easy to buy dehydrated food from a good quality health store or dry it yourself in your own home.To dry food at home, you must have highQuality food dehydrator that can do this work for you.You will find a variety of dehydrators on the market.They have different sizes, forms and capacities.You have to look for the top food dehydrator to buy one for your use.You may need to check various features at the time of purchase to make sure you are able to get the right features.Here I will discuss some tips that may guide you to the top dehydrator.Many fruit problems can be solved by food dehydrator.Dried fruit can be expensive, but an effective product can make it simple to make it yourself.After that, you can carry containers full of quiet fruits that are not easy to rot.When you have a bag of healthy food and drinks, it is not difficult to pass on unhealthy food.If you make it yourself, you don't need to dry the fruit into a mummy, you can save it in the store.You can not dry them completely so they will still last but will have a little juicy flavor.In the process, you may eat two kinds of fruit at the stage when the fruit becomes sticky, and then stick them together.Then press them flat and then continue to dehydrate to form an appetizing fruit roll.This goes well with similar textured crisp fruits like peaches, figs, strawberries and bananas.You may have a new family favorite.There are also different models.Some fans are mounted on the bottom and top, circulating air vertically.Another type of fan is mounted at its rear to move the air horizontally.Another model uses the method of convection drying, there is no fan at all.The products that install the fan on the top are considered to be the best because they stop the mixing of food flavors, dripping water, etc.Another point to note is the heating element.See if it's closed.If it is closed, you can be safe because there is no problem with the juice in the food dripping on it.Check the wattage of the food dryer.The greater its power, the greater its drying capacity.The average dehydration takes only about 500 watts.Some models have the option to add the location of the extra tray.These products need more Watts to run effectively.The highest element of thinking is dimension.You can select the device according to the available space in the cooking area.Other important features on these devices include timers, variable thermostats, providing more pallets, pallet sizes, etc.People make their own food dryers with solar energy.Fruit can be placed on aluminum foil and dehydrated in the sun.It is recommended to use old cars without colored windows.If you want to try, consider that the food may not dry before it starts to rot.In addition, food may be available to insects, rodents and birds.In addition to the power failure, the power failure can also work effectively.Buying or using these products is often not expensive and very convenient.
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