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by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-19
What is the most expensive item per pound in the store?Beef Jerky.How do you use a home food dehydrator to handle beef jerky to get the most delicious, cost-effective beef jerky.At home, your cost per pound will drop sharply.No matter what meat you buy, plus the cost of a food dehydrator, it's a good deal.Everyone likes dried meat: father, mother, brother, sister, and even children next door.In order to make high-quality beef jerky for your family, you don't need to be a chef.Hey, why not turn it into a family project?There's a great idea right now, the time of the family together, and the great beef jerky.Things to buy or borrow: 3-London scones, flank steaks or bris are 4 pounds square meters.I like London scones best.) Seasoning for beef jerky: soy sauce (3/4 cup), Worcester County sauce (3/4 cup), garlic (fresh or powdered), and even some onions (fresh or powdered ).You need salt (1 teaspoon.), Pepper (two or three pieces of ground with fresh cracks) and sugar (1 tablespoon ).A food dehydrator used to dry dried meat.1.If you have, cut the beef into very thin strips about six to 8 inch long with a meat cutter.Slice the grain with a sharp knife and trim the fat as much as possible.2.Make up "go to juice ".Put all the marinade in a 1 gallon large freezer bag and add thin slices of meat.Close the bag and when doing this, drain as much air as possible.Continue to work and distribute the juice evenly on the meat.Do this in the morning and refrigerate.3.Leave the bag in the fridge for the night.Rotate the bag when you can and keep all the meat in the same marinade.4.Drain the liquid from the bag.Do not keep, this is contaminated with raw meat and should not be used for anything else.I always start fresh.5.Bring the shelf, spray it with aerosol tank oil and put the meat on the shelf.This is the best if they don't touch.Set the temperature of the dehydrator to 145 to 150 degrees.6.The drying time can change a lot, probably only a few hours to twenty-four hours.Check out mea t regularly.The color of the meat will dim and the meat itself should be soft.Don't dry the beef to a crisp level.7.Stored in a sealed freezer bag.When you take it out of the fridge, let it stand at room temperature and it will be used very quickly.The homemade beef jerky is the best.Better taste and lower cost.Less salt and sugar than beef jerky processed from the store.Just keep in mind that you can control what's inside when you make and dry it.Make beef jerky from happy food dehydrator.
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