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How to Dehydrate Food for Backpacking

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-26

Instead of buying pre-Pack the dehydrated food measured for your next backpack trip and dry it yourself. The most reliable way to dehydrate is in the food dehydrator you build or buy. With appliances in the kitchen, you can buy food when it's rich or cheap and combine your favorite ingredients. Recipes are available online and in print. Some general guidelines will help you get started. 

Guidance difficulties: moderate washing (peeling if necessary) production. Add citrus juice to the juice machine to make the fruit oxidized (turn brown) and add sweeteners. A sauce.eighth to one-quarter-On the special tray that comes with the dehydrator or on the shelf that covers parchment paper, inches thick. Dry 5-10 hours until the leather is dry, soft and non-stick. Pry the finished leather from the tray, roll closely, and divide the roll into several parts. Wrap each part with plastic wrap and store the package in the sandwichZiploc bag of size, vacuum-Sealed bag or shrink bag wrapped in plastic with special utensils. Label and date products.Store bags in your refrigerator and airTight packs in cool and dry places. Wash, peel and take off if you want. Seeds of fruits and vegetables. Cut the larger fruit into thin slices; Small fruit including berries. Slice the vegetables. Dip products that can be an oxidized-For example, apples, and pears-In light salt water or water and citrus juice. Place the products on the dehydrator rack so they do not come into contact. Dry at 135 degrees F depending on the product until tough or crisp.Packaging, labels, and shops. Prepare the main course or mixed ingredients for a mixture such as soup. Sprinkle enough soup or stew on a grid for a meal or two. Apply or place one or two cooked entrees on fruit leather or parchment-covered tray. Dry thoroughly. Cool, packaging, labels, and shops. Lani JohnsonLani Johnson is a walking and writing musician. Recent works include news, poetry, and research. See her online writing on the trail. Or in                                

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