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food dehydrator beef jerky instructions for using a bee beyer's food dehydrator | ehow

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-06-22
Whether you want to keep food or make healthy snacks, the dehydrator is an essential part of the process.From beef jerky to raisins, all kinds of dry goods can be made at home.The use of the dehydrator is very simple, and the version of Beyer is no different.With just a few simple steps and a lot of time, you can use the dehydrator to create a lot of saved items for a yearround use.
Clean and dry fresh food that you want to dehydrate.
Put the food on the cutting board.Cut into 1/16-inch to 1/8-inch slices.This will allow the food to dry faster and retain more flavor.The longer the food dries, the more flavor it loses.
Sliced--in one layer --On each rack of the dehydrator, make sure the edges are not in contact.
Since the dehydrator does not have an on/off switch, insert the dehydrator to turn it on.
Dry the food according to the recipe or until the food is completely dry-6 to 8 hours.Letting the dehydrator stay overnight is a good time for the best drying.Unplug after completion.
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