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feline obesity: how to help your cat slim down - how to dehydrate food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-01
feline obesity: how to help your cat slim down  -  how to dehydrate food
By Dr.
According to the Association for the Prevention of pet obesity, Donna speckett, VetStreet (APOP)
About 55%47 million --of U. S.
Cats are overweight or obese.
APOP reports that when pets are overweight, it seems that the owners of most cats do not realize that "fat cats" have become the new normal of danger.
For the health of our cat friends, we must solve this heavy problem!
Despite the large size of some varieties, most domestic cats should weigh between 8 and 10 pounds.
For example, the range of Persian and Siem Reap cats is between 6 and 12 pounds, and the range of Maine Coon cats is between 25 pounds.
But these are exceptions, not rules.
More information from VetStreet: 4 Best locations for cats--
Another way is to have the cat show you your favorite 10 kittens in 10 ways. Cats with the same name as obese cats are defined as cats weighing more than 20% of the ideal weight.
When a vet advises a cat to lose two or 3 pounds, it usually enters one ear and leaves the other.
Who can lose a few pounds?
But that's what we think about with human weight.
This is the extra few pounds on the cat equivalent to human weight: obesity leads to many diseases of the cat, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung diseases, high blood pressure, impaired immune function, they may even be prone to certain types of cancer.
There is ample evidence that cats who maintain their ideal weight have a longer life span and less disease than overweight cats.
Although the physical condition of some cats makes them prone to obesity, obesity is usually caused by overfeeding. An average 10-
Pound cats usually only need 180 to 200 calories a day.
Cats don't feed themselves. -
Pet owners are responsible for what cats are eating and how fat they become.
Cats are often overfed with cat food, and APOP reports that treatment remains the main cause of weight gain for cats.
A recent survey shows that 93% of all pet owners are treated, and 26% of them are treated three or more times a day.
Unfortunately, even small foods tend to contain a lot of calories.
Many dry cat foods that help cats lose weight have very high calories, with 400 or more calories per cup, making it easy for cats to overfeed without knowing it.
As a strict carnivore, cats are usually the simplest and healthiest to lose weight at high weightprotein, low-
Canned carbohydrates
These foods allow cats to lose weight while maintaining lean weight and strength.
You must also choose the food wisely.
High Carb
Calorie foods must be avoided.
No more than 10% of the cat's daily calories should come from snacks.
Many owners don't know how many calories their cats eat because they have the bad habit of "feeding their cats for free" and fill up the food bowl whenever it gets low.
Best meal-
Feed the cat with a precise measuring cup to get the right calories.
5 ways to help Kitty lose weight Pet Obesity Prevention Association (APOP)
More tips for cats to lose weight. Dr.
Donna speckett is on the board.
A registered physician practicing in northern Chicago.
She also has a consulting firm that focuses on providing professional veterinary care to underserved areas, providing direct consultation to pet owners and their veterinarians.
For more information about pet health, please click here.
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