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favorite food dehydrator recipes - excalibur dehydrator reviews

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-01
favorite food dehydrator recipes  -  excalibur dehydrator reviews
It's time to go to school, with money for clothes, books, lunch and extra-curricular activities.
On top of that, you also need to eat snacks and snacks after school so that the children don't raid the refrigerator as soon as they enter the door.
When I make a shopping list, I can save a lot of things.
It was a great summer for fruits and vegetables and I really took advantage of that.
My Excalibur dehydrator is very handy when making fruit rolls, banana slices, raisins and dried peaches.
Be creative this year and count the money you can save.
I tried the method of making fruit with strawberries last summer, but now I am exhausted by apples, so I decided to give it a try.
They're great.
Without sugar and starch, apple fruit leather will put you in the mind of apple pie.
Cut enough apples into two cups and cut them into pieces.
Mix the fruit until it is smooth and pure.
Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice and 1/8 teaspoons of vitamin C to prevent discoloration.
Add 1/4 to 1/2 cups of honey, add cinnamon and nutmeg, and pour into the dehydrator tray (
Leather tray or Teflex sheets).
Dry 6-140 degrees8 hours.
Check the product and make sure it's not soft, then take it out, cool it, roll it up and wrap it in plastic, just fine!
How to make banana chips must be the simplest food I 've ever made.
I used to keep my ripe bananas and make banana nut bread in winter.
After making a few bread this year, I thought of all the sugar I ate.
No wonder the children jumped up from the wall!
My Excalibur is big enough that I can cut 17 bananas into 1/4 thick and soak for 15 seconds with 1/4 cups of lemon juice, spread and dry at 150 degrees.
Depending on how much you like bananas, start with 24 hours of drying and check.
Until you get the consistency your child likes.
This is a great year for grapes. Have you ever bought these small boxes of raisins as snacks in the store?
Wow, are they expensive?
Think about it you can wash, dry, throw grapes into the dehydrator for hours and spend a few cents on electricity.
I don't buy raisins anymore.
Juice may evaporate, but vitamins and antioxidants are sealed in raisins, which is purer than anything treated with additives and chemicals.
Peach dried peaches are a delicacy in my home as they are usually very expensive, but this year my neighbor's tree worked overtime to produce more than she might keep.
I used this opportunity to do these dried peaches.
Cut the peach in half and peel it.
Take out the seeds and quarter.
Buy some fresh lime and make your own lime juice
Treat your peaches well.
Dry in a 135 degree dehydrator for 6 to 20 hours (
Depending on the thickness of peach slices and dehydrator)
Until soft and cool. What a treat! $6 Trail Mix. 00 a Bag? Not!
In addition to all the delicious snacks you just made, why not turn some of them into special mixed snacks for kids?
Banana slices, raisins, peaches and apple slices are mixed with some coconuts and a variety of nuts, which will make those varieties purchased in the store feel ashamed.
No sugar and salt, you know, they're all natural and perfect for picking me up.
Which dehydrator?
Many people think that Shenjian dehydrator is the best dehydrator you can buy.
This is the only machine with a unique Parallexx horizontal airflow drying system that makes fruits and vegetables fresh and free of preservatives and additives until you experience the real thing, you know there is an interesting taste.
Once you dry your own fruit with a sword of God, junk food starts to taste like garbage.
The thanks you get from your family and friends, plus the money you save, make getting and using on a regular basis the most worthwhile.
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