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expert tips on making and storing preserves - food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-08
expert tips on making and storing preserves  -  food dehydrator
Francine: After moving to the new ranch, kimchi and pasata, gardening is always a good way to make friends, so I'm happy to find out that there is a grant at the bottom of my garden, sarah Lonsdale, a colleague in my life, lives on the side of the road. As our eco-
Reporter, Sarah must have cut a lot.
On the edge idea of keeping food, so in my kitchen we thought together about how to deal with the rest of the garden.
Thanks to the weather, if you have nothing to gain, hide our advice while chanting the gardener mantra: It will be better next year.
Looking for the easiest way to deal with excess food that can't be eaten or given away, I use freezing as a last resort and give up clamping, drying, vacuum-
Packaging, interference and jellyand go Italian.
As Paul arigio said in his book from seeds to plates, "keeping food in sealed jars is such a simple skill that many foods can be in oil
The jar is reusable and does not require electricity.
"Prince Rose: I always play game for pheasant effortlessly.
Passion for plum Sarah Lonsdale: how to maintain a green and sensible green life: eco-friendly flooring
Save with vinegar)
, Simply marinate a vegetable, or invent a mixture that can be stored for months or chewed directly.
Try zucchini, red pepper and basil, or green beans and mint, or my favorite pickled fennel.
Choose vinegar carefully: Sherry with thym carrots;
A balm with a wavelet retan onion;
Or make raspberry vinegar with beets.
Use the best and always expel vinegar.
To make pickled fennel, cut your bulb into small pieces, cook it in salt water for a few minutes, drain it, dry it, and put it in a sterilized jar.
Cook enough vinegar onto the vegetables and add a teaspoon of fennel seeds, pepper and a few bay leaves.
Check if the content is flooded. Sott’olio (
Save in oil)
It's a shorter one.
The term method of preserving special products, such as broccoli for mint asparagus, coriander and chillies, artichokes and lemons, is first cooked with vinegar and herbs and then covered with marinade.
The mixture will be kept in the refrigerator for two months.
Harvest eight artichokes and trim off the stems and all the outer leaves until you reach the heart, scoop out the choking and cut it in half.
Soak in lemon juice, then add 300 ml vinegar and a teaspoon of salt until soft.
Drain, cool, and add the best olive oil of 450 ml and lemon juice of 75 ml to boil with a few grains of pepper.
Put the Thistle into the jar and cover it with marinade. For passata (
Bottled tomato sauce
Turn San Masano cooking tomatoes into ready-made bottlesmade sauce.
Seed varieties "astro", "follia" and "scat" are available from Alpini. com .
Try to simplify the process that usually includes covering, peeling and sowing by using the magical passata machine (
Seeds from Italy)
Remove skin and skin points from any fruit or vegetable.
Add a little salt and basil and add a layer of olive oil seal.
Place the sealed bottles in a pan with water to make sure they are flooded and sim10 minutes.
Leave the bottle until the water cools.
The patata will remain until 2013.
How to disinfect the jar in a preheated oven ((Gas 2) 15c/300F
Place the washed and dried jars for five minutes.
Put the dishwasher in a very hot cycle.
In a sterilization solution such as Miltons. Glass Kilner-
Storage tanks like bottles are the best (from lakeland. co.
UK or jamjarshop. co. uk)
But I often reuse my favorite jam jars.
We all have our own prices.
Mine is raspberry.
Some people think it is not good to have a relationship with strawberries.
I think it's too sweet.
For me, their delicacy was the highlight of the British summer, especially if it had just been cut off the sugar cane.
I let me once
Serried's raspberry bushes occupy most of our gardens, and we enjoyed them fresh from June to early September, and then enjoyed them as jam for the rest of the year.
However, all the preserved sugar reduces their quality in some way, while the annoying sweetness masks their fruit delicacy.
Also, despite the oversupply in the summer, the magic is that after a while, the eighth dish starring a particular fruit or vegetable being harvested may become frustrating.
So this year, I found an alternative way to extend the life of our raspberry and other families --
Grow fruits and vegetables so there is no waste of berries, peppers, apples or peppers.
The first time I tried to dehydrate with raspberry was with a food dehydrator.
The simple mechanism of slow extraction of all moisture from fruits, meats and vegetables can extend the life of most horticultural products.
I also added a couple of early unexpected apple harvests.
They are not very familiar, but dehydration concentrates sweetness, so this is a great way to preserve apples that fall too early from the tree.
When the fruit is handed over the juice, the kitchen is full of heavenly aromas.
Dried raspberries and apples combine basic oats and nuts to add a sweet fruity flavor to the originally dull breakfast.
Store any dried fruit in a cool, dark place and check regularly for deterioration;
So that your product can last for several months.
Please note that very juicy fruits, such as strawberries, need to be cut into small pieces before putting in the dehydrator, otherwise, the time it takes to dry them-more than 24 hours-can be as expensive as air shipping them from Spain.
Fridge jam in my opinion, turning raspberries into traditional jam can spoil them, "fridge jam" creates a delightful fruit-flavored Reserve, the basic properties of the raspberry are still retained and can be almost as long as normal jam.
The refrigerator jam is simple and quick to make.
Once you 've picked berries, don't add the same amount of sugar as traditional jam --
Production, only half increase;
So for 4 lbs raspberry, just add 2 lbs of sugar.
Don't worry it won't set: add the juice of half a lemon and some lemon dots that are tied to muslin for extra flesh, a pleasure.
Once the berries are gently cooked for about 10 minutes, release the juice, add sugar, and boil until you scoop a little out on a cold teaspoon, it becomes sticky.
Save the jam in a sterilized jar, the smaller the better, and once opened, save it in the refrigerator.
Vacuum sealing is a way to extend the shelf life of fresh food by three times, whether in a food storage room or in a refrigerator, meaning that soups and stews can rotate more slowly without having to freeze, so the family can hardly remember that it has curry pepper and carrot Chicken Soup for the fourth time.
Another benefit is that you can cook in large quantities, saving both your energy and the energy of the oven. My vacuum-
Sealed Curry peppers, carrots and chicken soup were put in the fridge for more than 10 days and the 10 days tasted as good as the first time.
The sealer is also quite exciting and I have to admit that when it first arrived, I started sealing anything even though the instructions said "this is not a toy --
Grapes, pencils, coins
Just to see them shrink into a small rigid bag. Shrink-
Wrapping berries before freezing berries also helps to maintain the structure of the berries, so the berries do not get wet when they are thawed.
Thanks to Andrew James (
The World. com)
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