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exclusive recipes: how to cook a mughal feast - how to dehydrate food

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-02-01
exclusive recipes: how to cook a mughal feast  -  how to dehydrate food
Is your mouth water when you think of biryani and kebabsIn? BookSalma Husain has collected some traditional recipes from the royal kitchen to enhance the cooking and retain the taste.
Show some exclusive recipes featuring.
Sweet lamb and vegetable soup.
Heat the butter in the pan;
Stir-fry the onion until golden.
Add half of lamb slices, salt and chopped ginger each;
Brown until lamb is fried.
Add enough water and partially cook the lamb. 2.
Now, add sugar beets, carrots and radishes with 3 glasses of water and cook meat and vegetables with low heat. 3.
When mutton and vegetables are cooked and at least 1 glass of water is left in the pan, separate the lamb and vegetables from the stock and spare them.
Stretch the stock with 2 cloves and grind it; keep aside. 4.
Chop up the rest of the lamb slices.
Make dry noodles with minced parts and grind them into fine paste.
Add the eggs to the dough and knead them into white. Make marble-
The size of this mixture and the deep ballfry in hot oil. 5.
Make a sugar
Lemon juice * string consistency.
Add half of the syrup to the reserve and bring it to a boil. 6.
Add mashed coriander seeds, almond paste and rice paste to the raw materials; mix well. 7.
Sprinkle with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and black pepper; mix well.
Add spinach, dill and lamb slices;
Boil to a soft pot and heat it. 8.
Go to the bowl where you serve.
Add the remaining syrup to the prepared soup and decorate it with saffron.
Cheese and green rice.
Mix the flour and salt with the water in the bowl to make a thick batter.
Cover the cottage cheese slices with this batter and deep cheese
Fried to golden brown. Keep aside. 2.
Mix the stirred yogurt with saffron and half a chopped cardamom seed;
Apply this mixture to the fried cheese slices. 3.
Wide, thick-bottomed pan;
Place flat bamboo poles in criss-crossed places
Cross at the bottom of the pan. 4.
Remove the cottage cheese block from the yogurt mixture and place it on the bamboo pole.
Put the onion slices along with ginger, cinnamon, cloves, pepper and a cup of butter on the cottage cheese slices. 5.
Cook the rice and spread it on the soft cheese.
If the rice is a bit hard, Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of water to soften it.
Color the rice with saffron and put it on one side of the pan. 6.
Apply the green gram to the rice. 7.
Heat the cup of butter to the smoke point and pour it on the rice.
Place 1 cup of wheat flour on the rice, cover the lid and seal it. 8.
Place the live charcoal on the lid of the pan and on the dum * for 5 minutes.
Sweet Mango lamb.
Made with lamb chunks *, ghee, onion, ginger, shredded coriander seeds and salt.
Tighten the inventory and separate the lamb. 2.
Put half of the mango in stock and cook until tender.
Stay cool away from the heat.
Squeeze the Mango by hand and extract the thick flesh.
Put the mango aside. 3.
Make a sugar
String consistency *. 4.
Cut the remaining mango into pieces, boil it in water, then float in the syrup and cook until tender.
Take it out of the syrup and put it aside. 5.
Add the syrup to the mango soup and cook the rice. 6.
Spread cumin seeds in a separate pan, followed by slices of mutton.
Add all spices and 2 tablespoons of sweet stuff;
Cook with low heat until the syrup is absorbed. 7.
Sprinkle the rice on the lamb, pour some ghee and cook it on the dum. 8.
When serving, place mango slices on pulao and decorate them with fried dried fruits. Slow-
Tangy Yam made of Indian egg skin.
Squeeze the tamarind with water to get the juice. 2.
Heat the butter in the pan;
Add ginger powder to color the butter.
Stir-fry the onion to golden brown. 3.
Add yam, currant, tamarind water, coriander seeds, ginger and salt;
Cook under low heat until the yam is soft and there is very little water left.
Sprinkle the fresh spices on the dum * for 5 minutes. 4.
Place the dishes on the hot ashes and cover them for 2 hours to absorb the smoked flavor.
Then discover and serve.
Slow meat chicken-
Cooked on a cinnamon bed.
Tie the chicken with a fork. 2.
Marinate the chicken with onion juice, ginger juice and salt;
Rubwell inside and outside the chicken, put it aside for 30 minutes. 3.
Heat the oil in the pan;
Add chopped meat, onions, coriander seeds, chopped ginger and salt.
Stir and cook until the meat is soft. 4.
A mixture of smoke * cooked. 5.
Fill the chicken with chopped lamb and tie the legs with a hemp rope to keep the shape of the chicken the same. 6.
Mix saffron and ground spices with yogurt. 7.
Apply yogurt and saffron mixture evenly on the chicken. 8.
Spread cinnamon sticks on the bottom of the pan.
Put the chicken on the cinnamon bed and pour the butter over. 9. Make a semi-
Hard dough of black flour.
Cover the pot and seal it with dough. 10.
Place the pan under low charcoal heating and cook on dum * for 4 hours. 11.
Remove the lid, remove the chicken, cut it into four pieces and eat it on the minced meat.
* Note: For dry meat, add 1 glass of water to 1 kg of the meat and cook until all the water is dry and the meat is cooked.
For dry and gravy, adjust the ingredients according to the recipe.
Cook 2 cups of sugar with 2 cups of water, then cook with low heat and add 1 lemon juice.
When syrup is
String consistency, delete.
Adjust the ingredients according to the recipe. This is it-
The sugar syrup method shared before.
This is a technique to teach the smoked flavor to the dishes.
In a shallow vessel (
Keep the lamb or food to be smoked)
, Made a small bay in the middle, put a small metal bowl, onion skin, and even a betel leaf.
Place the burning coal in a bowl/onion skin/betel leaf, pour the ghee on the coal and immediately cover it to prevent the smoke from escaping.
The lid was not removed in about 15 minutes so the smoke could work on the composition inside.
Then remove the coal from the appliance, mix the meat/food evenly to maintain the flavor, and then literally "breathe" through further cooking ".
This process includes the maturity of the prepared dishes after the cooking process is completed.
The pot is sealed as much as possible with heavy objects on the dough or lid.
Then, under very slow heat, place the pan on a hot ash or iron pan.
Some coal is also placed on the lid if possible.
This process allows each flavor of the dish to be mixed into its own juice.
You should open the pot before serving.
This is a meat Bank.
Cook meat with salt, coriander seeds, onions, and ginger or not cook bones.
When tender, separate the meat from the meat.
Tighten the inventory with thin cloth.
For 1 kg of meat, use 4 cups of water if cooking in a pressure cooker and 8 cups of water if it is a coal fire.
Adjust the ingredients according to the recipe.
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