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enhanced food dehydrator performance - food dryer dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-12-05
enhanced food dehydrator performance  -  food dryer dehydrator
This paper explores a key issue in food preparation of food dehydrator and how several simple steps can produce perfect results through any dehydrator.
While there are many different foods that can be dried, the focus here will be on those most common foods that require slices, fruits, vegetables and meat.
Uniformity is the key to keeping food dry.
So let your food reach a consistent thickness and can be dried evenly, which means it comes out of a properly dried food dehydrator and can be eaten.
The point here is to dry properly.
Meat is a great example of making sure your food is cut evenly.
A piece of meat, inches thick on one side for three quarters, and inches thick on the other side for the first quarter, will not dry normally in any food dehydrator.
Uniform thickness is also good with food storage.
Whether you are using a vacuum sealer, a gas-tight tank or freezing, the more consistent the thickness of the food, the easier it will be to store it.
The slicer is a great tool to provide consistent preparation for food.
There are many designs available for home use.
However, you can do a good job with a sharp knife.
I prefer the chef's knife because the big blade provides stability when making a single slice.
In addition, freezing the food, especially the meat part, to good hardness before slicing, but not to hard, is a great help.
If the meat is hard frozen and you try to slice it during the thaw, you won't get a good result evenout phase.
It is understandable that not all fruits and vegetables can withstand partial freezing without causing harm.
A good way to prepare fruits and vegetables for a food dehydrator is to run them through a food grinder.
Loaded with a large amount of nutritious fruit snacks, burritos and nut sticks can dry easily, the thickness problem is solved when prepared with a food grinder, and then evenly distributed in non-
Stick dry slices.
All in all, whether it's a slicer or a sharp good knife, your food dehydrator will perform better by preparing food with uniform thickness.
While the food dehydrator may work differently on an individual basis, the consistent thickness in food preparation is still the key to the results you want.
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