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easy steps to a beautiful windowsill herb garden - cheap plastic trays

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-11-30
easy steps to a beautiful windowsill herb garden  -  cheap plastic trays
The herb garden on the windowsill makes any room more comfortable.
These fascinating plants are also useful, especially on the windowsill of your kitchen window.
As long as you have the right container, soil and light, almost any room is the right home for the windowsill garden.
Growing herbs today has never been easy, especially in terms of the variety and quality of products sold in nurseries and online.
Seriously, why wait?
If you start now, you can enjoy your garden more quickly.
The location of the garden is the first and most important decision to start.
If you can use a window facing south or west, this will provide the maximum light supply.
For most herbs, your plant should be able to get the recommended direct sunlight of 6 to 8 hours.
If trees or other obstacles block the sun, replenish the plants with simple lights.
This will provide a similar impetus for growth.
While some people like to choose a wide variety of individual pots for the windowsill, I think it tends to get messy.
Take the time to select a suitable container.
What I would recommend most is a long rectangular container called a filling tray.
This one is perfect for putting on the windowsill with a wide variety of herbs.
For the best results, skip the cheap plastic tray and choose the clay tray that allows the soil to "breathe.
"Next is your soil mixture, which should be undernourished, the first choice for herbs.
So instead of using direct potted soil, mix it with clean sand.
The sand helps to keep moisture and not too wet.
Since herbs prefer slightly alkaline soil, add about one or two tablespoons of lime to this mixture.
First of all, fill your fill tray with an inch of deep pebbles.
The aquarium gravel works well.
This provides proper drainage.
Put fresh rain outside in the pouring rain and it seems like a good idea to give your herbs a drink.
This is usually a bad idea, and it will soon create a wet mess.
An effective way to water herbs is to atomize the leaves.
Not all water is absorbed through the roots, and the spray is an herb --
Watering the roots is friendly.
Avoid overwatering by quick soil check.
Press the soil with your fingers.
If the pressure forms a puddle, there is too much water.
Sprinkle the herbal seeds on the soil mixture.
Push them into the soil without pushing them too deep down.
Promote the development of seeds for faster germination and root development
Half an inch into the soil.
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