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How to Replace the Heating Element in a Natural Gas Dryer

by:IKE Food Machinery     2019-05-30

dryer heating element How to Replace the Heating Element in a Natural Gas Dryer
A natural gas dryer uses an electric heating element known as an ignitor to generate enough heat to ignite the gas inside the combustion tube. When the element is burnt out, the dryer drum is still spinning, and the hairdryer continues to blow air through the rolled clothes; However, the air inside the dryer will stay cool and it may take hours for your clothes to dry. After replacing the heating element inside the gas dryer, the drying time will be greatly shortened. Disconnect the power cord of the natural gas dryer from the wall socket. Rotate the gas valve in the wall to the "off" position. Open the cabinet of the gas dryer, take out the drum and enter the heating element, also known as the ignition. 

Basically, all gas dryers operate in the same way, but the design of the cabinet is usually different. For detailed instructions on removing the gas dryer cabinet to access the heating elements, see the references section. Look in the lower left or right side of the cabinet for combustion tubes similar to long silver or white metal cylinders. The heating element is connected inside the tube. The element or ignition has two wires attached to the white porcelain base. Track the heating element wires from the porcelain base to the harness. Pull the harness open with both hands. Loosen the mounting bolts at the center of the porcelain base with an adjustable wrench. Slide the old elements to the rear of the cabinet and remove them from the bolts. Insert new elements into the tube. Do not touch the metal end of the element, as this may cause the element to fail. Slide the porcelain base onto the mounting bolt. Tighten the bolts to fix the elements. Connect the harness from the element to the harness of the dryer. Re-assemble the gas dryer drum and cabinet by reversing the dryer disassembly steps. Insert the gas dryer into the wall outlet. Rotate the gas valve to the "open" position.                                

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