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dry natural herbs from your food dehydrator - small food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-03
dry natural herbs from your food dehydrator  -  small food dehydrator
This article provides an overview of the process of preparing and drying natural herbs in a food dehydrator, whether from your herbal garden or from the agricultural department of the grocery store.
Compared with the price of herbs on the market, the cost savings will exceed the cost of dehydrator in a short period of time.
It can be said that there is no dispute among chefs in the world, whether they are mom and dad in the kitchen or cooking artists in the gourmet restaurant, the use of fresh herbs is the essence of delicious food.
Although they add very little in terms of nutrition, they do add miracles to a meal.
Most of us don't have a year around the herb garden, so the next best option is to capture the freshness, flavor and aroma of these herbs in the best way, food dehydrator.
Historically, local culture dried herbs in the sun, and later developed methods were bag drying, room drying, oven drying, and finally microwave drying.
These methods are dried herbs, but the cost is a loss of flavor, aroma, cleanliness and safety.
Modern food dehydrator is not only more effective than other drying methods, but also safer products than some herbs obtained from the counter, which are subject to radiation during drying.
More attention needs to be paid to dried herbs rather than flowers.
Your goal is to dry them, not for beauty, but for taste and fragrance.
Temperature, humidity and time become more critical so as not to lose the essence of herbs.
The food dehydrator produces good airflow, temperature adjustment of controllable thermostats, and some models with timers.
The temperature range of herbs is 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, while the time range is 1 to 3 hours.
Do not dry natural herbs with meat, fruits and vegetables, but if these foods are combined with a food dehydrator, they add too much humidity to the process.
To check the integrity of the drying process, crush the herbs, it should be broken like very dry leaves in autumn, or just like the herbs in those expensive little jars in the store.
A sentence about storing natural herbs.
Granted, I like to store herbs on an open spice rack in the kitchen for visiting friends to watch.
If you use these herbs in a few months, this will be found and will fade.
For long-term storage, place herbs in an airtight jar, or use a vacuum sealer to compress them if space is needed.
All in all, producing your own natural herbs with a food dehydrator at home will be a process of saving money, improving your meals, creating satisfaction, and many friendly neighbors, they often come and borrow some spices.
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