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cool treats help dogs beat the heat - best food dehydrator

by:IKE Food Machinery     2020-01-22
cool treats help dogs beat the heat  -  best food dehydrator
With the help of my friend Joe Pera from Atlanta--
Here are 20 kinds of dog food that will help your puppy overcome the heat.
I volunteer with Pera and she is my first choice
Friends of all pets-related.
As the owner of five dogs and three cats, she always offers great advice on how to keep pets busy and distracted while going out to work. 1.
Take a bowl and pack three.
Place full of water, stay overnight in the fridge.
Put it next to his regular water bowl before you go to work.
When the ice melts, your dog will drink a second bowl of cold water during the day.
Your dog should never eat food.
Pour chicken or beef soup into a tray of ice cubes.
When freezing, place some delicious dog ice in the food bowl, use your dog's food, or simply add it to the water bowl and have a seasoned drink. 3.
Pera relies on super strong toys to attract her audience.
Kongs features a hollow center that can be filled with anything delicious.
"I fill them up, freeze them, and take them out as I leave," she said . ".
Seal a small hole in a hole with peanut butter, then add chicken soup and beef jerky.
Freeze for delicious and messy outdoor activities. 4.
Add water or broth to your dog's food, and then put the moist mixture into the hollow part of the hole or other hollow chewing toy.
Frozen overnight5.
Scrub the sweet potato with a fork and bake until it becomes soft.
Add mashed potatoes and skin to your dog's food for a healthy dose of beta-carotene. 6.
Put a carrot in the fridge for your dog. It's a super-
Cheap chewing toys are the best for puppies without distinction.
A spoiled woman like my Lulu is a little more picky.
MNN: 10 plants that are toxic to dogs7.
Mash the ripe bananas and mix them with a tablespoon of bananas --
Natural peanut butter.
Place the mixture in the hole for freezing, or simply place it in the ice cube tray and provide treatment once a day.
"Give this to your dog and you 've already played the puppy distraction lotto! " Pera says. 8.
Cut apples, bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes or zucchini into slices and put them into a food dehydrator for chewy treatment. 9.
Stir a tablespoon of ordinary low
Your dog ate Greek yogurt.
Do not use flavored yogurt with sugar. 10.
The carrots are chopped and the beef, chicken, or vegetable soup is barely covered.
Cook until soft in the microwave and add kvisible. 11.
Wash, Slice apple with skin, core and thin.
Place the slices on the cooking table and bake at low heat until crispy.
Keep the cat away from Lilith 12.
Mash two ripe bananas with four tablespoons of low bananas
Fat Greek yogurt and some chopped parsley or mint to help digest and promote fresh breathing.
Freeze and scoop out when your dog is particularly good. 13.
Store canned sardines in spring water.
Mix these greasy little fish with kibble to promote healthy fur. 14.
Buy frozen green beans as a snack, especially for fat mapo who need to reduce a little heat.
"They have been frozen," Pera warned . ".
"Once they unfreeze, my dog Shock won't eat them, give me a look and it says 'What are the sticky green things on my food? '? '"15.
Make your own cheese doodle. (
A small amount of junk food can be eaten in moderation. )
Squeeze out a little Cheez whz on the cookie and freeze it into a mini snack.
"If you have more than one dog, you're in trouble," said Pera . ".
"Cheez Whiz is expensive unless you buy it in large quantities! "16.
Low-fat cream cheese is your friend, she says.
Add a little to your dog's favorite hollow toy and freeze it for the night.
Why do dogs eat their poop? 17.
Take bone marrow from the butcher and freeze it.
"A pack of bone marrow is cheaper than a real Hong Kong toy," she said . ".
"They chew the bone marrow and then you can reuse it.
"Be sure to monitor your dog when chewing the bone to prevent any possible choking hazard. 18.
Freeze peanut butter or cream cheese in the bone marrow.
Also, monitor your dog when it's working on a bone. 19.
Steamed fresh broccoli flour as food or mixed with food. 20.
Dehydrated slices of cooked chicken
Size of chicken. (
Here are some good instructions for dehydration. )
Since the Pet Obesity Prevention Association estimates that more than half of dogs in this country are obese or overweight, be moderate when adding these or any treatment to your pet diet.
If your pet is as picky as mine, trials and errors can also be part of the process.
For those looking for food for cats, Pera offers a simple solution: "I give peace and quiet to cats. . .
Keep away from dogs. "Bon appetit!
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